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Dutch Build the First Solar-Powered Speedboat

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:40 PM
Apparently the first ever solar powered speed boat has now been built.

Dutch Build the First Solar-Powered Speedboat

It is not too often that we associate solar powered with anything fast and or furious, but perhaps it is time that we start. The Czeers MK1 is a 10-meter vessel covered in photovoltaic cells that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 30 knots (55.5 km/ph to you non-nautical folks out there). While there are certainly faster boats on the water, those tend to use obscene amounts of fuel.

Motor boats usually always end up dumping/spilling/pumping some small amount of fuel into the water, this is a good try to start getting the ball rolling on eco friendly alternative energy sources for boats.

I know I wouldn't exactly call this solar boat a speedboat though, I believe that 30 knots is only about 35 mph, and that doesn't really qualify as a speedboat here in south Florida.

Also, there's the price to own this "speedboat"!

First Solar-Powered Speedboat

Reaching speeds of 30 knots and producing far less noise and pollution than its peers, this boat is 33 feet long and is covered in 150 square feet photovoltaic cells.

It’s pricy (a measly $1.1 million), but if you are torn between wanting the wind through your hair and your eco-conscience, then this boat could be worth the extra dough. It is definitely a luxury boat, as the creators added top-of-the-line features like leather interior and touch-screen-based control systems.

I think they'll have to get the price down quite a bit before the orders for them start rolling in!

Here's a video of the boat on the water, too bad they played some crappy music on the video, I'd rather have heard how much noise it actually made.

Sporty looking thing though!

I don't think you'll find many people who will dish out $1.1 million for a boat that will only do 35 mph! that is quite a feet though I think, being able to move a 33 foot boat 35 mph using only solar power!

But, it's a good start to trying to find more eco friendly power/energy sources for our boating pleasures.

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