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So last weekend I remembered a tiny bit of existing before being born....

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:27 PM
It amazes me how many hoops and psychological processes have to go on to explain memories from a so-called logical point of view. In reality, the logical viewpoint is not one of knowing. Science is not a decision formed. It is merely a process of asking questions and testing theories.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by dave420

Some things that travel through your mind and, in fact, some of the abilities that your mind has are still yet to be studied and confirmed by the science that you so strongly believe in. Of course some of these can be dismissed as just a thought, but in a case such as this, it seemed the OP actually addressed an issue that was much different than just a usual thought and many people, regardless of belief, will actually know when something important pops up.

Then again, who knows? Us idiots that exist are but a mystical bunch that like to assume everything. *snip*

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 11:15 PM
I'm glad this post has reignited and I have a few things to add:

First to all the naysayers and "science is my God" junkies on here:

first I would like to add that when you remember a time of existence before being born on this planet, you just know. It's like if I was to tell you about ice cream and how cold, creamy, and sweet a scoop is....and then one day you try it and with that first lick, you just know first hand its ice cream.

no because your athiests or agnostics and are trying to rationalize this away as some glitch in the matrix or in the brain...then go ahead and be the agent smith to my neoisms.

oh an to to proof is subjective and is true to myself and to all the others who experience this. Perhaps in your only "physical" world there is no room for this to take place. All truth is first subjective is there is 1 person discovering it, and is then communicated to others. Same deal here buddy, you just choose to "not believe"

dave420 again with the proof, come on man!!!!! subjective proof is still proof, read above. I dont have to prove anything to you. I remembered pr-existing here on earth. It was as clear as day and matters not to me wether or not it threatens the beleif systems you have built for yourself. proof is proof is proof... where not studying atoms here. Get my a consciousness recorder or a perspective gun ala hitchhikers guide and I will deliver your proof. Soon my friend, soon you will see the truth yourself one way or another.
On to everybody else and the "others" who have also remembered, welcome to the club!!!!!! Its a really cool feeling to know I pre-existed. I will add to this a few things about my brackground. yes I do meditate more than your average joe, do yoga off and on, and have had many previous spiritual experiences from reading the bible and being babptised (take not Christianity teaches that there is no pre-existence) hahahaha...well that sure put a grenade in my belief systems at the time ......then agian so did my previous experiences so I tend to go by those being that I know when one is taking place.

Anyway, another funny thing I noticed is that another posted (sorry forgot your screen name) posted about feeling like an alien on this planet and never feeling "at home" anywhere. Well I've always had that too...and you can see in my birthday videos at chucky-cheese where all my friends, cousins, and sister are playing with all the toys and stuff....and I'm just kind of sitting there staring off into to space in my own little world. It definately never felt right for me being here and now I'm glad to know that I'm just passing through and my real home is above or within!!!!

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