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has the YouTube censorship already begun?

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 03:07 PM
Has anyone else been experiencing these problems? For about a month or two (and i've moved my computer from an apt to back home) I have been unable to watch videos on youtube for hours at a time. They simply don't load for me. And this has been doing it on different computers as well. I remember hearing the Pentagon talking to google and wanting to censor youtube, anyone think that maybe it has already begun?

A lot of videos that I watch disappear, sometimes so fast people who create a new post have their videos deleted before anyone else can see them on ATS.

Smoking too much? Or anyone else noticed this as well?

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 03:18 PM
Nope.. I've experienced the same thing.. personally, the counters are off on 1 particular music vid which is in my favs, made by Seal called "love Divine"

At 1 point, it was 'removed' until I did a search for it and found it again but I took a screenie of my original to show the counters and then took another screenie of the 'new' version w/ the counters showing....

Original views from 1st screenie was: 836,000 (appox.)
Views from 2nd screenie was: 150, 000 (appox)

I kept trying and gave up to try and get the original until about 6 weeks ago, I finally got the OP back..

sorry forgot to add that there's actually a vid on youtube that a guy already addressed this issue .. and it was litterly a tennis match on trying to get the vid posted LOL.. but really sad...

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 07:25 AM
reply to post by thegdfather
You have no clue what "censorship" is until you try exercising your "CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS". I have been thrown off "MY SPACE", comments on YOUTUBE have been deleted, they lie about the number of "hits" on a video, and I researched this EXTENSIVELY(whatever). I started with a very cool, very educated site on "MY SPACE". Nothing negative, just the world we live in, and young people need to educate theirself about what's really going on. I had no clue the truth was so painful, for somebody. I had video about how the Freemasons turned a proud, dignified organization into a bunch of greedy, corrupt, self-aspiring gods, (but in a positive way). I always had problems on my space. Blog this, couldn't blog that, to the point my husband and son seriously thought I was getting paranoid. I knew I was being "monitored", so I tested the theory. The next thing I knew was I couldn't login, I got an e-mail saying that 'MY Space" was being used by an imposter. WHAT?? Went into who owned "MY SPACE". Wasn't it our own ruler ZION RUPERT MURDOCH. So, scratch that. Went to UTUBE. Started commenting on sites I thought were interesting. Nothing. Again. Nothing. I went into CENSORSHIP ON UTUBE, didn't feel bad about my paranoia. Everybodies complaing about being censored. It couldn't have been thrown in my face an clearer then when I was watching MSNBC, (ALL THE MEDIA IS LOST AT THIS POINT)and they just broke news that Scott Mccellan wrote a scathing book about Bush. They had "excerpts" since the book didn't come out till Mon.(this was Sat. I think), I UTUBED it, there were only two videos, this was a couple of hours later, twenty-five thousand "hits", and I put my two cents in. Went back a couple of hours later because I was watching the news totally tear this book apart, it was disgusting. So, I went back on the same site, and nothing. No videos, Nothing. UTUBE pulled them. I waited for the day, went back, and the videos were there, with NO HITS on them! I can't blog, or comment on anything at this point. I'm surprised if this goes thru. So, if you're a nobody, and have something to say, what are you suppose to do? I know people know that all computers have a chip in them that only the FBI can access. If you don't, you do now. So why censor a nobody? The media at this point is a joke, I think everybody knows that. The newspapers are an even bigger joke. Are we still children? I don't think so. Are we moving ahead and noticing whats holding us back? Maybe. Point is, you're not paranoid, you're waking up. By the way, the pharmacutical companies wish to express their sincere apologizes for that whole "zombie thing". Just don't give up. If it "feels" wrong, it probably is. Don't fail as a human being and accept what you know isn't right. If you need a "guideline", just look at Bush, or Charles Manson, or Hitler.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 07:31 AM
they have been changing a lot of stuff, including their youtube player, and because of that the site was very slow and sometimes not even working , loading and acting all weird.

but they do censor a lot of atheist videos.

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 08:24 AM
You're not alone, it's getting stupid. They started by removing all the adult content, which was never like porn or anything to begin with, but like breasts and people in underwear and whatever. Even though they have that 21+ warning on "adult" videos, that are no longer anything more than PG-13.

Then you weren't allowed to engage in talking about sexual intercourse in any context other than completely scientific and even then some sex-ed type videos get pulled. All sex advice videos get yanked as they get reported.

Then they start yanking religious content, especially videos that depict Scientology in a negative light because they put the lawyers on them. Videos that are against Muslim belief get yanked instantly. Christian content is pretty random, sometimes I think they must have a good number of Muslims administrating the videos, or they're getting pressured. Videos against Christian beliefs do get yanked now and then but not nearly as much as negative Muslim videos and videos that are made by Muslims against Christians never get yanked, or very rarely. Of course I don't keep a running tally but I watch A LOT of you tube videos and thats the trend I come up with from casual browsing.

Most recently, conspiracy videos are dropping like flies. 9/11 truth videos get pulled frequently, Alex Jones videos especially,

The one that bothers me the most is how cartoons and animations depicting Muslims/Allah and things of that sort are instantly removed, yet many of those clips showing American soldiers getting sniped in the head seem to stay up for a very very long time until theres practically a riot in the comments thats 100 pages long. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing those videos make it to the net, of our American brothers taking a head shot from those sh*tbags, who the frack propagates them ffs and why is this one of the few kinds videos You Tube nods off on with the finger on the ban button!!?

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