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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 08:44 PM
just wrote this for fun...(not really good)



The Barn Bluff Facility was only one of the Australian special operation bases, there were four in all, the Lake Eyre, the Lake White and the Thursday Island Facilities were shrouded in secrecy, the only base in danger of discovery was the Lake Eyre, but the sightings of reconnaissance and technology launches were thought to be UFOs by the locals so the danger of discovery was largely reduced.

Xavier ‘Ghost’ Kain and his partner Rose ‘Arrow’ Masters had just set out on a recon mission from the Bluff Facility, there had been a magnetic surge, it had come from Antarctica, and the surge was enough to cause devastating effects with the tectonic plates, this surge shot all over the world, but in one particular place it grew stronger, magnetizing a large deposit of nickel and iron in the mantel, causing the entire Eurasian plate to shift resulting in massive earthquakes in China.

Ghost and Arrow were sent to investigate the source of the surge, because although the surge grew stronger in China it originated at the point of the South Pole exactly 4 hours after contact with the Amundsen U.S ice station was lost. Most people would believe that different countries had their own Special Ops., but there is an alliance between all countries in an event, such as this, that threatens the world. In this situation the countries had agreed to call a truce which is why only a single Australian recon jet was sent out.

As Ghost approached the South Pole he noticed a large ring of sky in the clouds, at least a meter in diameter that ran around in an oval shape with its end directed right above the red colored base that was the South Pole. He pointed this out to Arrow as they began their decent. The plane landed on its skis and Ghost and Arrow walked over to the base, guns up and eyes scanning the base and sky.

Ghost had earned his nick name in this kind of situation, with the possibility of an enemy force in the nearby base he walked silently, making no noise at all, just like a Ghost. Arrow’s story was entirely different, when she had run out of ammunition in a previous mission, she had made a makeshift bow and arrow out of a few sticks and her shoelace, with it she managed to fight her way out and save her partner’s life, and Ghost still owed her for it.

After searching the base, all they found were piles of black ash and a few things that had obviously been dropped and smashed. Both went outside, got out the weapons and set up their sleeping bags and gear in the main hall of the base. As Ghost went out to get the last of the gear, the ring of space where there hadn’t been any cloud flared to life, it shone with a yellow glow that lit up the surrounding clouds and the four points above the pole that marked the bottom of the earth shone a blinding violet color.

A fifth red light larger than the rest lit up in the center of the four and shot down towards the jet in a stream of light, the violet lights came swirling down the edge of the red light and all five light beams hit the jet at the same time, sending sparks flying across the ice and melting straight into it.

A reverberating hum was emitted from the jet as it began to glow red, like metal does when it is placed in extreme heat. The humming grew louder and louder until Ghost’s ears began to throb in pain, Arrow came running out with her gun raised but dropped it to her side when she saw what was happening.
She stood beside Ghost staring in awe at the shining display in front of her. The humming grew louder still and the ground began to shake, then, with no sign at all, the light stopped. The jet continued to glow red and Ghost began to take a step towards it when Arrow suddenly pulled him back just as a ray of black shot down from the sky, a black that seemed to absorb all the light around it, sucking it all into its invisible core. Then the ray struck the jet and in a flash of white hot light the jet was reduced to a pile of black ash. The two turned and ran towards the base just as a smaller black beam smashed into the ice next to them, the beam drilled right down the ice into the rock base below.

Had either of them had the time to look back, they would have seen the ‘ring of cloudlessness’ waver as if a heat haze had formed in front of it as it took on a solid shape, the cloaking had been turned on and when Ghost turned at the door, he knew what it was. Area 51 had always held these same ships, but none had ever seen it work, all had been crashes and no one had a clue how to use it.

Of course it was a space ship, and after nine years of translating scientists had worked out the race that owned the ship were called the Xanos. But neither Ghost nor Arrow had the time to think of this, they could only run as the black voids slammed down all around them, they had to get to the gear, there was a satellite radio there, the one used to communicate with the base if things went wrong.

Arrow picked up the phone and jumped away just as a beam came smashing through the roof and into the ice. She looked at the screen on the phone. No reception. Then she noticed something, something was wrong, the black rays had stopped. Then she heard it, the single most frightening sound she had ever heard in her life. A reverberating humming. The walls and floor began to shake violently and the walls began to glow red, and she knew her fate had been sealed. The humming got louder and the walls screeched under pressure. Metal chairs and utensils shot to the roof and both man and woman screamed in pain as their ears began to bleed.


A deafening roar shot through the base as its main hall exploded in a cloud of black ash. Everything inside was destroyed.

First the cloud-rings appeared over remote Area 51, then Lake Eyre, Barn Bluff Mountain, Thursday Island, Lake white, Area 19, Canary wharf, Dulce and the Roswell Air base. All were said to have black beams shoot down from the sky followed by a deafening roar. Then major capitals were attacked by the ships, Canberra, the White house and the pentagon were shot with black light reducing them, and anyone inside to black ash.

War raged for 20 years. Nuclear weapons went into mass production to fight the alien threat. If Nostradamus were alive he’d be running through the streets screaming ‘the third Antichrist has come’. Finally the Xanos grew tired of fighting; they claimed earth was not worth the fight they gave. Just as the human race thought they had evaded extinction, all of the ships shot a final blast at earth.

Earth was to be destroyed and its resources collected from space.


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