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A Great Song About Obama

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:34 PM
Seems a lot of young people are really behind Obama. If a lot of them vote... My nephew's band, Pistol Opera, did this fantastic song about Obama. You've got to hear it. Just open the page and after a few seconds, it will play.

"OBAMA" lyrics
by Eli Braden - (c) 2008 Pistol Opera Music

Listen up, people, it's a brand new day
It's time to sweep the dim, dark past away - hear what I say!
Coming soon to the U.S.A.
The Technicolor sequel to J.F.K.

Barack Hussein Obama
No relation to Saddam or that jerk Osama
He's a man on a mission
A visionary poet slash politician

Separate the chaff from Obama the wheat
In a whitebread world, he got the meat
Makes the present state of politics obsolete
From Chicago, where fog comes on little cat feet

So haters stop running your trap talking smack
Get on the O train; stop acting wack
Like Abraham Lincoln crossed with The Mack
Once you go Barack, you never go back - Check it!

Botswana to Ghana / Nobu to Benihana
Run go tell your mama about / Obama, Obama
Iraq like Vietnam-a / Barack gonna end the drama
I think you're gonna wanna vote / Obama, Obama

Got charisma and style; smart as a whip
The child of a mixed-race relationship
Born in the 60s when everything was groovy
Heidi Klum and Seal can play his parents in the movie

Came from next-to-nothing; he's a self-made man, so DAMN
Stand up! Give the brother a hand!
He got a grand slam plan to save this land
And if he can't do it, nobody can

Honolulu to Jakarta, Boston to Chicago
Got principles like Doctor Zhivago
The polar opposite of Iago
Got more taste than foie gras from Spago

A soul brother 24/7
Think about the message to the world we'll be sending
If come this election, we stop this infection
Of fear that's been spreading / Come on now - elect him!

Taco Bell to Tijuana / Britney to Madonna
The hiphop Dalai Lama / Obama, Obama
Cornbread made of manna / A soulfood intifada
I think you're gonna wanna vote / Obama, Obama

Nice to Nicaragua / Nickleback to Nirvana
Run, go tell your mama about / Obama, Obama
Champaign to Urbana / Kutcher to Valderrama
I think you're gonna wanna vote / Obama, Obama

L.A. to Lackawanna / Avant-Garde to Dada
The hiphop Dalai Lama / Obama, Obama
Yonkers to Yokohama / Yamaha to Tama
I think you're gonna wanna vote / Obama, Obama

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