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2008 Hurricane Season

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 01:49 PM
Only a couple of days away now from the Atlantic hurricane season.

NOAA is calling for an above average season with 12-16 named storms, with 6-9 becoming hurricanes.

Accuweather is calling for 12 named storms, and say the east coast is at a heightened risk.

Dr. William Gray and Philip Klotzbach are calling for 15 named storms with 8 becoming hurricanes.

WRC (weather research center) says 11 named storms, and also says there's a good chance (90%) the east coast (from NC to GA) could see a landfall.

TSR (tropical storm calls for 14.8 storms, 7.8 hurricanes

WSI says 14 storms, 8 hurricanes

The UK Met Office releases theirs in June I believe....

In the eastern Pacific, hurricane season started May 15, and they have their first tropical storm.
Winds are 65 mph, but it should become a hurricane, and come ashore, soon.


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