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Strange Recurring Dreams

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posted on May, 29 2008 @ 12:27 AM
Hey All,

This is my first post. I felt I needed to post somewhere about some strikingly odd dreams I've been having.

The first one:

I am flying away from earth as it's on fire. I can see cracks in the earth and lava/flames coming out from the cracks. It sounds ridiculous, but I remember dolphins flying with me. I don't know why it would be dolphins, but that's what I remember.

I see thousands of blue, orange, and green lights flashing around the planet out in space.

The second one:

I'm standing out in front of my house on the street. The sky is red and all shades of orange, the clouds are swirling and distorted. I see the street in front of my house cracked and broken with lava pouring out from the cracks. I see my neighbors running and screaming.

I've been having these dreams for most of my life. Is it something to do with me? Is anyone here adept at reading the meaning of dreams? I would just like some help on the matter.

They are very troubling to me and cost me sleep. I wake up drenched in sweat after I have them, with my heart pounding in my chest.

I know it sounds crazy, but I had to get them off my chest. I don't even know if I'm posting in the right forum, please move this post if need be.

Thanks again.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 01:42 AM
First of all hi and welcome to ATS

I used to have dreams like this as a child growing up, sometimes i still do, mainly dreams which involved apocalyptic events. IMHO Dreams are usually the break down of events in ones life and it is expressed as images, thoughts feelings while we are asleep, particularly strongly associated with rapid eye movement. Reoccurring dreams could be something in your life that you have neglected or maybe buried deep into your memory. Some passed event you haven't come to terms with? Or it could totally be reversed and it could be some sort of warning, some premonition regarding some event in the future. I'm not a psychologist's but i have done allot of study on the subject and what iv found out is that its good to express them and talk about them because it can alleviates some of the panic and worry in ones thoughts, and can sometimes halt the re accruing dreams altogether.

Maybe someone with abit more experience in this field can give a better interpretation of your dreams

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 02:23 AM
I've had very similar dreams.

Don't panic, though.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by stfger

I believe you could be dreaming of a crustal earth shift change possibly caused by a polar shift. What you are describing sounds like it. You should read the prophecy of Mother Shipman, (16th century), at Psychic uk Psychic Discussion at,

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