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Could a photography expert do a sticky thread here?

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 03:34 PM
I was wondering if it would be possible for anyone on ATS who has a good knowledge of photograhy, to knock up some kind of thread that could become a sticky here.

The thread would be a guide to what we are possibly REALLY seeing when we think we have a spirit caught on camera.

I'm not saying all ghostly images can be explained away, but i think a lot can.

We see so many really cool pictures on ATS, many of which i would swear show a spirit of somekind, but they are often debunked as some everyday camera effect, which the untrained among us would have no idea about.

Take this latest one for example...

Snapshot of ghosts in Scottish Highlands!

A great pic, but some are already saying it can be easliy explained.

I've just been watching Ghosthunters on tv, they are at a British castle, and on video you see an "orb" float through a room, but they dismiss it straight away as a "bug swooping down, the camera is trying to identify it and sees it as a light".

Did'nt look like any bug to me. Then again, what would i know.

I respect that i am asking this of someone, and it could take a lot of work, but heres what i'd like to see if it can be done.

An explanation of most of the most common camera image "effects" that can be explained as definately not paranormal. An image of this effect would be handy too.

For example, dirt on a lens. Easy one to happen. A pic showing what this looks like in a photo would give us something to relate to.

Lens flares, reflections, shutter speed effects......all something i have'nt a clue about, but as someone who has a great interest in the paranormal, and dad of a daughter who is a budding paranormal investigator.....i'd love to know exactly what to look for and what i can stop wasting my time with.

Thanks in advance for any replies to this, and especially if anyone can take this task on. I think it would an invaluable tool, greatly appreciated on here


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