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News of a UFO Conference next month

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 08:13 AM
I run the sponsored Now THAT'S Weird forum here on ATS, and present the worldwide syndicated radio show Now THAT'S Weird.

The radio show has it's own UFO and alien based conference in Glastonbury, England June 20th - 22nd this year.


Speakers and subjects are as follows:-

Profs JJ & Desiree Hurtak - ET's and UT's - Cosmoloy for the 21st Century
Nick Pope - Spinning the Saucers - Former UK government UFO investigator
Paola Harris - Aliens Amongst us - The Maurizio Covallo Story
Andrew Collins - The Key to Alien Abuctions (Life in Plasma)
Annie Machon - Inside MI5 - ex agent - now whistleblower
Adrian Gilbert - Alien visitation (An Orion Connection)
Alan Foster - Contact - Awakening and Preparation
Ross Hemsworth - The Inter-Dimensional Gateway
Chris Everard - The Illuminati, New World Order and Space mysteries
Ian R Crane - A False Flag alien invasion planned for 2012
Malcolm Robinson - 30 years of UFO research
Brian Allan - A Hole in the Sky
Ralph Ellis - Jesus WAS King Arthur!
George Lockett - Awakening the world
Trevor Jones & Dr Liz Williams - A Life in the Craft

There is live music form Blackheart on the Saturday night.



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