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R.Kelly's fans not doing him any favours

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 01:19 AM

before we get into the legal or moral discussion, I want you to read this:

four female fans scream in ecstasy and pull out camera phones—contraband inside the courthouse...When admonished by a member of the group says, incredulous, "How are we supposed to act when R. Kelly come?"

despatches from the R.Kelly trial

Now, leaving the positively creepy aspects of this aside, I haven't read anything that so positively dripped with delicious irony this year.

As for the legal argument, check out the "Waymon Brothers" defence....

Amazingly, Adam Jr. is not kidding about any of this. Just as special effects turned Marlon Wayans (I know your last name, my friend!) into a little person, he suggests, so might the sex tape we saw on Tuesday be some sort of digital collage of faces and bodies.

Jr, I ask you this in all fairness, "is that the best you got?" 'Cause if it is and you get Kelly off then you'd better make sure that Genson doesn't get all the credit for being Kelly's Johnny Cochrane...

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