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How do you like your eggs?

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 08:34 PM
Hey thats great! You'd make a great Navy cook! But really thats a good thing to do!

If you ever get a chance read Dean Knootz series "Odd Thomas" (the fourth in the series just came out this week) the hero in the book is a short order cook named "Odd", he is an expert at the griddle (and also sees dead people) Great series.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by RUFFREADY
Has anyone started out to scramble and ended up making an omelet..I do that once in awhile...can't seem to make up my mind

Yeah, but I so very rarely have just plain omelets. I'll put some cheese in it, or maybe a few cooked veggies or diced ham (with or without cheese)...

Originally posted by pikypiky
As long as a nice guy with a nice smile is around to help cook for me once in awhile...

Even though I've been married for the past 9 years, I had to learn my way around a kitchen during my first 38 years of bachelorhood...And my Mom used to comment to her friends that she never really had to cook for me since I was about 4 or 5 years old.

Originally posted by jpm1602
Note to self: Never ever rub eyes after applying capzasin to sore shoulder.

...Or after dicing up some onions. Yes, I've done that...ONCE.

Originally posted by dizziedame
Deviled eggs are good also.

Personally, I'd rather stay of the Light Side of the Force..."angel food" eggs. I still haven't perfected the recipe for that though...Any suggestions?

...Damn, this is the first thread I've ever posted in that actually makes me hungry...

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:39 AM

I would eat them with a fox
I would eat them in a box

Green Eggs and Ham

I love them Sam I Am

Okay, green and blue eggs come from arachana (spelling? no spell check here) hens but that's only the shell colour.


Boiled egg yolk crumbled (use a fork).
JUST the whites from boiled eggs chopped fine and put into a cream gravy with lots of pepper.

Smother the toast with the gravy, then top with the crushed egg yolk.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by RUFFREADY
reply to post by pikypiky

Well the line is already starting to form!! I got eggs

But, you did remind me of a favorite dish I'd get in Subic bay P.I. "fried rice with a fried egg on top" . That was a dish I like at the base there.

[edit on 27-5-2008 by RUFFREADY]

Well, then I've got one of those heavy iron skillets to fry up some rice and get that taste slightly burned for flavoring. Damn! It's almost midnight here and I'm already thinking about breakfast! [Eerrr! There, there, stomach! Quiet down until tomorrow morning.]

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