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Zeitgeist Movie. More Questions...

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posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:54 AM
Id like to start off by saying thank you for reading, and how increasingly amazed I am by this vessel of knowledge. Everyone on this site is such a valuable source of information and understanding. I am truly amazed.
I am only 19 years old, so this movie hit me and the world and what I thought I knew, like a ton of bricks. If you haven't seen the movie "Zeitgeist Movie," I suggest you type in, and taking a look. It should be up your guys' alley. I would like to also tell you that the ideas and concepts are very controversial, and made me quite mad. Every time I watch it now, I skip the first portion dealing with religion. I was intrigued and confused, but, at the same time, it sparked thousands of questions. With the religious portion aside. I don't think I will ever understand the true controversy and dilemmas presented with those ideas in the movie. Here are a few of my questions and theories.

1. If the US govt made a terrible decision that the towers were most likely to fall, (which was untrue, due to the creator of the towers, telling us that multiple Boeing's could have hit, with out collapse) what if they decided to plant explosives, to try to help the towers collapse on themselves, to reduce any more casualties of bystanders and the occupants of surrounding buildings? ( I'm not sure what I believe yet, if they were planted to destroy, to help, or if there even were bombs. Just a thought.)

2. If what is told here, about the Federal Reserve banking system, and the ties to the govt, and the theory of war being profitable to high-end a*s holes, wouldn't the terrible thought of lives having price tags, be true? I have had many close friends, family, family friends, etc. loose their lives for what they believe in. And quite frankly, I think, if they now have a price tag stuck to their lives, someone needs to send those a*s holes over to fight alongside the genuine, American soldiers that are fighting for, what the movie tells us, completely insane, hellish reasons.

3. According to the movie, because before this like many, MANY others, I had no idea, the Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned and operated bank. If so, why doesn't someone with a sufficient amount of power, try to create their own money system? One that has the PEOPLE in mind, although that is obviously difficult as we have seen in the movie. Like I said, I am only 19, so I don't know the intricacies of... the world. I know that it isn't as simple as coloring someones picture with crayons on a piece of paper, but if its destroying an entire country, why doesn't anyone try something new?

Like I said before, thanks for listening. This movie should be shown to as many people as possible, except for the first part, about religion. That really messed me up and pissed me off, but the rest is well researched and excellently presented. Anything you have to say, respond, or any other questions you can add would be well welcomed. Sorry if this topic is over talked and ground into the dirt, but I know you are the people to ask, if any.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by dmbandlover

First, let me praise you for your courage. Not many young people want to see the truth of zeitgeist. Not many people do, period.

I believe to understand the message in the movie and to answer your questions, you have to understand the truth about religion and why 'they'have made religions.
Humans are sensitive to the opinion of their peers. Humans have the tendency to follow the advice of those they deem wiser than themselves. These religions have been 'concocted' to entice people to give up their own mind; to be led by those who want to benefit from keeping truths for themselves.
The imagery in most religions is based upon the unconscious associations of people; the archetypical images of mother, father, nature, divinity, etc.
The rituals in religions are all based upon impressing the participant into believing the priest/preacher/imam has the knowledge and wisdom of the
deity of choice. You have to understand that to believe that is to give away autonomy to the priest. The information the priest gives will be taken as the truth; even truer to the recipient than his/her own thoughts about reality.
This leads to the effect that people will doubt their own thoughts about divinity and give their trust to the priest.
By denying the validity of the (natural) urges and thoughts in a person, the believer is in constant doubt about his/her motives and will turn to the priest/holy man, etc for advise.
So, whatever the priest tells the believer will be taken as reality; even tho there are countless discrepancies with reality. The whole purpose of this is to make the people swallow any offered view of reality, without questioning the validity or even to rationally think about it.
Even you do not want to entertain the thought that your belief is false and that is EXACTLY the effect that religion is set to evoke. While actually NO GOD could expect from his followers that they sheepishly accept any explanation for the atrocities committed by the churchleaders. Beacuse of the constant battle of religious people against 'temptation' the active participation in the world is limited to stay within the bounds of what the mediators betwween god and people (priests) tell them. That is why all religions are no more than the automatic repetition of taught ceremionies, while spirituality is a thing of personal experience...of personal devotion.
Religions have been concocted to be the helpers of a repressive government. Ever since humans have stopped worshiping the land, the earth that brought forth humanity, our history has been one of constant battle between religions. What this is all about is the destruction of the obvious connection between us and Mother Earth. The innate-ness of spirituality. How can any sane person believe that god has ment government to be so warlike and repressive? Only confused and misled people need government. Hence the conflicting stories in ANY religion; at least any MALE-DOMINATED religion (which all the modern religions are).

By getting people to accept hierarchy on the basis of divine decree, by CULTIVATING people to accept hierarchy, generation after generation even, the people are grown as accepting slaves for the centuries-spanning empire of greed, that the merchants and product-peddlers are building.
Any body that spans more than one generation, will undoubtedly have knowledge that is greater than any personal knowledge. So by creating companies as bodies that span more than one generation, by retaining knowledge; by keeping away this knowledge from the people, giving it only to complying persons, they can/will rule. By inheriting titles and money, those who inherit this will be bound to further the cause of the çompany' or the 'lodge', the 'family' , thus sustaining the level of spending that being born in one of these families brings with itself......

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by dervishmadwhirler

....when people are born into a certain way of life, especially a way of life that has been going on for some generations (traditions) they will not accept another version of reality. Continuing the ways of their predecessors.
This makes for willful slaves, if that is what is taught. Like the teachings of religions teach us to unthinkingly accept the church/fathers. Not teaching reality by means of nature and expereince.
Just think about what is unthinkable for a believer doesnt it clearly say in any religious text that to doubt their version of the truth is blasphemous?
That you have to listen to your elders and that all authority comes from the god? It seems that religions are there to have a story that people do not doubt, which explains about the why of our suffering and servitude...

But dammit! Which of all the stories is true? God? Buddha? Allah? Zoroaster?
Thus the insolvable differences between believers are born...
As to why we dont oust these people is because we ARE these people.
We have been taught to deny ourselves and the power we might have.
Just look at the zeal used to defend a politician like dubya; it is like religious zeal; wars are fought to defend leaders who are demonic dictators; we have been cultivated to fight the wars of the religion.
True spirituality is not taught to us by any man in a dress. It is in the heart. In the deeds of a person; in the enjoyment of life! Not in the repressing of Life! Drop book-religion and the true human spirit will again live; one of freedom and compassion, of love and togetherness, of UNCONDITIONAL equality!
A god who is vindictive and warlike and denies his own creation is in all probability the devil you fear...

[edit on 26-5-2008 by dervishmadwhirler]

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 06:48 AM
First of all:
I appreciate young people like you watch this movie and more over, even think about it. Second, I want to apologize for any kind of mistake in my written english, because I'm a German folk.

The movie is one of the best collections of investigated reasons "for" relifions. But everyone who has dealed with this matter won't ever deny that religion is a construction build on astronomy. This is no reason to not believe in it but if you don't accept these simple rules and reasons for your faith, you are simple blinded by the priests or other high chirchmen. The holy bible is a book written by astronomic scientists to explain things, people 2000 years ago could not understand, due to their low knowledge base (btw. most of them could'nt even read it, but the stories were told).
Openminded people - even hardline-religious - should not close their eyes. The movie does not always draw the right conclusions of the investigations (or things that are discusable) but over all, to me it seems to be a good point to start thinking about some things.

Now I come to the "terrorism" matter and, I'm sorry folks, this is the most perfect propaganda issue and a try to stupify a whole country - and i must admit - the best after what Hitler made in the middle of the last century. Missleading people only works when they blindly believe everything their goverment tells them. And in the last years (the world press makes europe believe this) you did not make a good job in "filtering information", regarding to the topic. People like the zeitgeist (bzw. a German word *g*) movie makers or Michael Moore try to wake a sleeping, in trance country but it took a while until the mainstream reached the point, that the whole war thing is a mess. This is what the european countries did in the colonial time. Unfortunately not everybody understood that domineering over a foreign country does not bring peace and harmony...

That's all for so long. Gotta get back to work.
Greetz, from a unknown German folk.

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