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The 1947 - Pontiac UFO sighting - Informations needed

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 04:52 PM
I'm looking for informations about a ufo sighting which allegedly took place in Pontiac, MI, on 1947.

Quote from the article:
Case 651
July 7, near Pontiac, Michigan: Albert Weaver, 37-year-old tool and die maker of Pontiac, reported that he and two unidentified friends had seen three objects come "sailing over Orchard Lake Country Club" in the evening around sundown.
According to Weaver, who said he had previously scoffed at reports of discs, he and his companions were "amazed" when three objects came into view over a hill, "about 150 feet high," and traveling at about 100 miles an hour.
The discs, Weaver said, were about two feet in diameter, about two inches thick at the edges, and four to six inches thick in the middle.
They appeared to have holes in them, he said.
His two companions disagreed with his size estimates: they thought that the diameter of the discs had been five feet.
One man said "they appeared to have a control tower on top."
The photograph taken by Weaver shows only two objects, dark against the bright background of the sky, and with no reference points showing -? at least in the available reproductions.
One of the objects looks suspiciously like a phonograph record;
the other is difficult to visualize as a disc, unless a large protuberance on one of its lateral surfaces
is the "control tower" referred to.
Nothing could be learned from the local papers about the photographer and local accounts were not available.


Here's the photo:

My take is that this was an hoax for some reasons:
for example, the witness claimed that the objects were traveling “about 100 miles an hour” at “about 150 feet high" and that they were between about “two feet in diameter” and “five feet in diameter”: considered speed, altitude and size, it should have been very difficult for them to spot a detail like the small holes, which are barely visible in the image: an empirical assessment would most likely confirm that.

Anyway: i would need some help in order to contact someone in Pontiac: some local newspaper, or even just someone who recalls the event.

Thank you in advance,


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