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BC passed. After AD would be...

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 02:21 PM
...AT for After Time says Me! Why? We shall be outside this time in all of its concepts from day and hour and minute and sec to other animated letter-read measurements. Yes, everything you gaze upon is as a symbolic written letter that puts you at when. (Example: When you were at the computer = a concept of time, is it not?)

Outside time means there you shall leave nothing to come back to or stay away from that would cause time. How? You'll be the all during the all timeless. Thus you will be aware to the all which you shall have knew. You shall have knew where to look and go because you're already there over and under and within the all. You shall have knew also how to do every thing because you're already experienced in the all. Thus you shall have knew how you might please yourself and everybody else to the T. So this means you will be able to convey anything as you seek to superbly to the T. All things possible you shall have already experienced. So if you go to have sex with somebody it will be you shall have already experienced everything possible with them in every way possible. You will be able to block out aspects in what you shall have already knew for a time and times as you please and be able to undo any block out as you please to come back timeless up to an extent or up to the full. So all possible reading material shall be as already read in all possible ways. That's not to say that the material wont exist and that you cant block it out to freshly know it. And so it would be that you will likely do things that maintain being of an enjoyment reguardless if you already knew them such as having sex, listening to musics, getting relaxed, going on rides (for fun, joy, or thrill), and consuming foods (including drugs that get you to reach an enjoyable high). Though it doesnt have to be like that which would depend on you as the person.

All in all, you shall have everything and everybody and every place knew to the T to a delight because you shall be in the Ideal Grand Sceme. And it wouldnt be Ideal if you knew the gross and unwanted things of this current time. Though you will keep what you want to know from this current time. Just to know your enemy is in the Hell of hells would be good enough for certain of us. Etc. And since these current times arent in the Ideal Grand Sceme it isnt as the all there where you shall be after AD, but can be defined as the extra stuff that you will know as you never knew of the current times.

I'd like to know what would be after AD to you personally? Does AT fit the criteria to you likewise? Can you even picture being in a timeless state as I descibed it?

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 07:02 PM
Timelessness can be created! It would have a beginning or end that temporarily opens as a time and then seals as timeless for ever and ever.

We were a "be lie", then came here "being life" (note: notice the "-ing" and "f" added to "be lie" gets you "being life"?) living and dieing where there is time in its many concepts (example: When you looked at some stars = a time concept short lived to a point it becomes a marker), and then we and our all get awakened inside the time of the beginning/ending that becomes perfectly sealed to be timeless.

. _ O

^^"." = the be lie (which was CALLED), "_" = the time and times concept line (which is CHOSEN), and the "O" = the timeless (which yet is FAITHFUL). A perfect circle then has no beginning or end upon after being sealed. Thus it should be the symbol for Timeless. And since timelessness trumps the other two, which were about having been called and chosen, it should also be the symbol for Sovereign.

Your moment shall become timeless, your eying shall behold an everlasting Ideal Grand Sceme for you and your awakened all. Your all is as your ideal ppl. Every ideal possibility shall be knew even though you shall be eying what goes on into everlasting.

If you've read Rev, those with the Lamb are called, and chosen, and faithful, remember? The beast that was, and is not, and yet is...Do you see the match? Many ppl right now do not know they are chosen. It's the odd ball, the one that stands out who is as noble as Noah to be let known they are chosen while the others are blind to knowing they are also chosen. Worthy is the one who realizes hints and stands out.

When you reach soverignty you shall realize the things I've said. When your all with you are faithful and true in timelessness you should understand the greatest society ever to you.

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 08:51 PM

Please try creating threads and posts that are coherent, readable, properly paragraphed, and make logical sense.

Thank you!

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 02:11 PM
This is what I'm saying with the OP, you wont know anything, you shall have knew already everything and not forgotten anything even in the smallest detail. In such the sense there wont be anything to get to know. Knowing will cease, but awareness wont cease.

In timelessness you could have walked all over a place and have knew already where every single thing should be. It should seem like you've been present in the place before because you'd be the all where there can be no when you were there before pin pointed. Outside of time keeps you in a mystery state that removed the beginning and end to the sense in what you shall have knew already.

Right now on this planet there are two times and a mixture in part of the two: 1. When (example: when you looked, when you where at the table, when you grew, etc.) 2. Year, month, week, day, hour, min., sec. (this is the man-made time used to place the "When" about something and to measure in bewteen more than one "When").

^^The bible talks about a time, times, and a half. As you put the two together you get the half to 1 and half to 2 for the mixture man goes by. When I was at the bank at 8:00 am I saw you. See what I mean now?

The place I'm talking about wont have the whole When Marker nor the man-made time that man goes by to the knew already aspect. So you wont be like, Why, I were here before, last year at 4:00am when it were summer time.

And you shall have knew already you werent froozen in atomic statis or whatever.

So as you are with, say, a chick in a timeless, everlasting place... you two shall have knew already what you two have experienced that you two will do in the now since it would be something you two would want to experience the more. You shall have knew already everything that pleases her and everything that really pleases her to the point you will not go wrong. Have you ever look at a woman and pictured yourselves doing something in particular, and then end up actually having got the chance to do just that you knew from what you pictured? It was as though you already knew something in a special 6th sense, but just cant put your finger on how to the point you would think you must were a prophet caught up in a prophecy of some kind.

In a timeless place everything there is just as classic as can be because it must be for experiencing the more. But like I said you should have power to block out things you knew already so that you can know them as though for the first time. You see for ever and ever instead of just for ever in the bible for a reason. It points out that you can go in and out of timelessness as you please to extent or in full.

Listen to that track "Classic" by Kanye, Ra, Naz. "I'm better than I ever been."

In timelessness you shall be better in most ways. You want to go to a city that's 200 miles away... You shall have already knew the directions so that you have no problem getting there and wont have to look at a map.

Add: And so there shall be no first time for anything you have already in experience with any person, place, or thing. In relations with other ppl those ppl shall have already knew the things you're likely to say, ask, etc. Can you picture a woman saying a certain phrase she as though already knew you wanted her in particular to say before you could even just then get the chance to tell her to say it or ask her to say it? Only in timelessness is such probable. And it goes vice verse to where you may say something you already knew she wanted you to say or ask.

^^That would make things classic indeed with literally no time to waste because there can be no time there as you like. Every person in the Ideal Array shall be knew. Adam knew Eve, remember?

I mean, can you imagine how messed up it would be if you had to get to know women like how it is on this planet in the Ideal Array instead of being able to get to that which you have already experience in with so that you may get to your prime in whatever with whoever else. So in the Ideal Array all the bad types wont make the cut. Thus only the classics shall be awakened for you.

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 01:11 PM
Better more accurate list of things that maintain being of an enjoyment reguardless if you already knew them relates to:

1. sexings
2. entertainments (witnessing em visually and reguardingly or performing em and having em performed as expressions of art and skill and talent)
3. relaxations
4. ridings (for fun, joy, or thrill),
5. consumings of foods/beverages (for satisfactions of tastes and refreshings. Includes drugs that get you to reach an enjoyable high)
6. reminiscings
7. sharings
8. adorings (works of ark which also includes physical bodies and their actions and their choice and way of words. And adoring can be done physically and with wording.)

^^These 8 passions are classic in their maintaining being of enjoyment. They are led by your moods, which you knew already would switch, but not to any foretold time. While you're enjoying any of the 8, the mood can then reach passionate status as though amplified.

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