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Looking for advice for a new course

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posted on May, 21 2008 @ 07:14 AM
Calling all British survivalists, I went on a survival holiday for a week in 1989. The course was run by an ex SAS guy who added to the odd feature in Combat and Survival magazine many years ago. There was an ex Navy guy and a Para involved too if I remember correctly, but I stand to be corrected. The course was based at a barn in Newcastleton, Scotland and was pretty good.

I was only 15 at the time and it took some blagging to get on the course, although while butchering a sheep, rabbits, a snake, eels and numerous more rabbits was eye opening, sleep deprivation and many miles moving about every day added to the fun. I even ended up with a shed load of mozzie repellent in my eyes and had to be three man lifted over a stone wall and drowned in a stream to clear my eyes. Opened my eyes.

I’m asking for information because I can’t remember the name of the course now and the internet isn’t pulling up anything useful. I would like to go back and do the course again, although I think the company has folded.

I don’t want to do a course with tents and lectures on berries; I am after a proper test with mileage and eat what you find ethics. I remember this course did a survival lite course in partnership with Manchester Council I think. Lots of inner city kids under ponchos. I don’t want that.

If nobody can remember the Newcastleton course, are there any courses out there that are a test?

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