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Research Project On New Terrorist Labeling

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 11:50 PM
First and foremost I want to welcome any contributors to this thread. I have to say it is an honor to finally be in the "scholar" arena as well as a "writer" on here at ATS.

For anyone who wants to post on here, I would like to ask that you check your spelling and facts as that is something I feel represents who you are as well as who I am within this sphere of contribution to the online community. I probably did not need to say that but I felt reiterating it would not harm.

I have been seeing a pattern out in the media driven world where "terrorism" is the topic of the war-driven President as well as the rest of the world. The rise of terrorism since I was born has been so huge which is a sad state of being in that it should be something that has decreased but due to ethical decisions or the lack therof of the Politicians on Capitol Hill as well as the White House and "Counter-Terrorism" which is in essence "state sponsored terrorism"

The term counter-terrorism, defined by Wikipedia, is in short a tactic in direct opposition of an act of terror, acted upon by designated entities, whether civilian and or Federal, to disrupt this action by any same, similar, or directly opposite action.

I remember seeing a news story on TV similar to this one of online terrorism, which in the shorter vernacular of wording and definition means to Me that the governments of the world are worried about online terrorism, being simply defined in My interpretation of the facts, as "hackers" or "crackers."

A "hacker" is someone who involves themselves in the online community through the exploitation of system deficiencies in order to manipulate and or otherwise disrupt one person and or many person's computer. In simple terms, an online bully who uses a "trojan" virus to gain entry to a computer and or backdoor.

A "cracker" or more aptly referred to "black-hat" is symbolically referred to as a criminal hacker, "cracker"/"cr" + "hacker" = "cracker" would be a malicious hacker that does not only attempt to disrupt and or confuse someone's computer but intends to manipulate and or destroy or steal from that computer, access to other computers, online indentities, or even access to online interfaces with banking ATM's and other contact points to gain monetary reward.

These will be or already are being referred to as "online terrorists" in intelligence circles through My own interpretation of the different shifts in news stories online, on TV, and through the newspapers, as well as some of the controversial new "terrorism laws."

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posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 10:10 AM
I made this thread elsewhere on ATS as I was curious as to the answers I might get.

Philosophical Discussion : What If Next Time You Clicked "Post New Topic" Made You A Terrorist?

"Online Terrorism" will be one of the many crimes I see World Government utilizing to detain people, and as well it will not be in prison, but "detainment camps" because "prisoners" have rights, whereas "detainees" do not.


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