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The Ultimate Truth

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:56 PM
I wasn't sure where to post this topic but I am looking for more information from other people on what I have called (for the sake of this topic) "The ultimate truth".

What I am referring to is the ubiquitous references to the true nature of reality, and how such a revelation seems to be the real core of almost all cultural, governmental, social, historical, religious and scientific conspiracies.

I have done my own rudimentary research in to each of these subjects and almost every time I do, I come across information that alludes to what can only be described as an attempt to explain the true nature of reality, a concept that lies at the center of every conspiracy.

Before I go any further, I would like to make clear that I am a layman and by no means do I make any claims to be anything more. I am motivated by a personal interest and I am only attempting to express it and facilitate discussion with others who may have a similar interest.

My “research” has been little more than watching countless hours of documentaries on the web as well as reading a few books. I will reference these works now and link to them so that you can also take a look.


The first quarter of this film is about how the story of the Christian bible and the majority of monotheistic religions are nothing more than allegories for the procession of the equinox. It proposes that God is nothing more than a metaphor for our own solar star, the sun and all of this is an adoption of ancient knowledge originating with Egyptian belief and sun worship.

This began my interest in Egypt, Sumerians and the procession and more importantly, ancient knowledge of the stars….

Magical Egypt

This series is utterly captivating and explains in detail, the incredible knowledge of the Egyptians. It begins with:
The significance is that this rock formation at Nabta Playa is a direct representation of specific star systems and how the ancients couldn’t have possibly know in such detail and to scale the nature and distances of these stars from one another.

It again covers the concept of the astrological age and how the ancients knew about this age.

The most interesting topic was that of the Temple of Luxor and The Temple of Karnak

It shows that within this ancient temple which is designed to represent man anatomically and spiritually, there is both a reference to DNA and The third eye.

It depicts the third eye has our center of higher consciousness and the organ within the brain is called the pineal gland.

Esoteric Agenda

This documentary is great, especially towards the end when it begins to talk about metaphysical topics. I’ve tried writing down and articulating what it covers in the last chapter but I can’t. It is quite complex but it suggests once again that our observable reality is an illusion and moreover, ties it all to ancient knowledge.

It claims the only true emotions are Love and Fear, black & white, day and night, a duality referenced in the first segment of Zeitgeist.

Illuminati I & II

These two documentaries are great but the second one really references the truly interesting and important information.

It suggests that the “Holy Grail” that the Knights templar were interested in is actually a series of higher Kabalistic teachings....

(continued below)

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 07:57 PM

It is not an object, but a piece of information. It is the highest Kabalistic secret which is that physical matter can be transformed molecule by molecule by the use of incantations of ancient Hebrew letters and numbers and that that nature of reality is really an illusion.

Once again we find a reference to ancient knowledge regarding the truth about reality.

David Icke and the Anunnaki

While obviously a polarizing subject of debate on these forums, It is worth mentioning because David Icke suggests that the third eye or pineal gland has photoreceptors and that it is really a primitive eye.

He suggests that humans were engineered by an advanced race from Nibiru who came to Earth and interbred with ancient Sumerians. There is a long story behind it but the just of the story is that this act set in motion the idea of the class system where by the higher, elites who control us in todays society are really descendents of these ancient reptilian hybrids.

What is most important is that a large part of David Icke’s theories also suggest that these beings are extra-dimensional and exist on a different “vibration frequency” – this references other works covered above. He again is suggesting that reality is an illusion.

The Astrological Age & 2012

This topic is important to the above mentioned content because it the basis for a lot of the claims that are made. Essentially, everything in the universe is set to happen in stages and these stages are what we experience as large leaps forward in technology and consciousness. The universe and everything in it are intricately intertwined.

2012 is supposed to be the year that we experience great change.

The Dogon Tribe & Sirius

The Dogon tribe are an African tribe that knew in detail about the star Sirius and it’s companion star Sirius B. It us suggested that extra terrestrials gave this knowledge to the Dogon. This is just another example of ancient knowledge.


These are just a few of the subjects that have all lead to essentially the same place: The human race is living in an illusion, the truth of the nature of reality was given to the ancients either by extra terrestrials or by other means and the secret societies that exist today hold that knowledge that that is the reason that they are so clandestine, they want to study and keep this information to themselves.

So what this topic is about is simply the ultimate revelation. Do you think this all ties together? Is this what it is all about? At the center of every single conspiracy from Dan Brown to David Icke, do you think the sub-atomic, spiritual, metaphysical and supremely unknown nature of reality is the true guarded secret, the true Holy Grail?

Can anyone with experience or knowledge of such things explain further and help lead me toward more information?

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:56 PM

You have some interesting points, but you talk of Dan Brown, who is a fiction author and not a non fiction author. Fiction means MADE UP. As for David Icke, he has a lot of interesting and pertinant ideas, but loses me in the reptillian bit. I may be wrong about Mr Icke but the reptillian thing is unproven. Just My £0.02.



posted on May, 20 2008 @ 09:53 PM
Interesting thread!! My girlfriend once mentioned to me about starting a group to discuss things like that, but I didn't feel like treading that water.
I use to get my head all wrapped up in things, but not anymore it pointless. There's so many of us, and some are meant to change humanity's history and some not. All you can do in life is to live positivitly and to eliminate negitivity, it's all in the evolution of your consciencous. Life is alot easier like that, and you do what you can on your level to help society.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 10:17 PM
This video may be of interest to you as well...a warning though..It is long..very long

but well thought out though, I suppose. I think they jump to to many conclusions personally, but it does get you thinking

ring of power

but I think your links there are certainly on to something. The "truth" is one of those things that has a 'feel' to it. It can be faked with consensus, but sometimes you just have to figure out your own truth. A difficult task to say the least.

And I say keep searching until you find it...

[edit on 20-5-2008 by abelievingskeptic]

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