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It's not you, it's me...

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:00 PM
Hi, all...

I am a newbie here, but I'd like to throw out an idea, and see what you all think. It concerns the Area 51 cover-up, and who is really responsible for it.

What if it's not OUR government covering it up... what if it's THEIR government... the Grays? I will explain.

I am writing a story about the Grays, called "Shades of Gray". The second season of the series is entitled "The Blue And The Gray", and deals with Project Blue Book, Project Serpo, and the effect that a whistleblower has on the higher ranks of the Gray government, causing a brief civil conflict, amongst the Grays. I will synopsize my story below, and you can tell me if you think it has as much merit as other cover-up theories.

In "Shades of Gray", a small fleet of Orvani (Gray) saucers lands on Earth, as a refugee fleet, having left Orvan due to circumstances they never fully told us about. At first, everything was going okay... human and Orvan had grown to trust each other, and get used to each other. But then, an Orvan saucer detected Orvani life signs, underground, at Groom Lake, NV. The Commander of the Orvani saucer which detected the life signs teleports the Orvani from Groom Lake, onto his saucer. The Orvani who has been brought on board seems bewildered.

The saucer Commander then confronts the American President about why he was not told of any members of his people being held on Earth. The President replies that he had no knowledge of any Orvani being held on Earth, but promises an investigation. At the same time, the Orvani Commander begins an investigation of his own, trying to locate records of any Orvani ships that would have been near Earth, and crashed. But, surprisingly, all records of Orvani ships with flight plans to Earth are blocked!

Meanwhile, the Orvani Commander begins to receive allegedly classified documents, pertaining to Area 51, from a human informant. The Commander studies these reports, and looks into them. However, the US government learns of the information leak, and tracks the informant, eventually killing him. Content that the leak is now dealt with, the US government turns their focus elsewhere.

However, after a couple of weeks, information again is sent to the Orvani Commander, seemingly out of nowhere. At the same time, one of the Guild Elders arrives on Earth, from Orvan, and shadows the Commander, watching him.

Finally, the Commander has enough information to put the bits of the puzzle together... and he is ready to blow the lid off of the whole conspiracy. But the Guild Elder chooses that moment to come out into the open, and confront the Commander. Escorted by a US government agent, the Elder tells him that the truth must never be told, because the people of both Earth and Orvan do not understand each other, and people usually fear that which they do not understand. With that, the Elder takes the firearm from the US government agent, and aims it at the Commander, telling him that the story dies here, with him.

Unbeknownst to the Elder, another Orvani had entered the room, this one a mere citizen, but escorted by two US government agents. As soon as the Elder threatens the life of the Commander, he hears two more guns clicking, and the government agents call for him to drop the weapon. The Elder turns around, to see the citizen, holding a recording device, and he tells the Elder that everything he has just said, has been broadcast to both the American President, who is en route to Groom Lake as they speak, and to the Guild, on Orvan.


posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:11 PM
The Elder and the Commander then realize... the CITIZEN was the informant all along... the human was just a decoy, to throw everyone off track, and to lure the Elder here, to reveal the Guild's involvement in the cover-up.

Meanwhile, the President's motorcade arrives at Groom Lake, where it is stopped at the fence by an army of "Camos", who tell the Secret Service and the President that they are authorized to use lethal force, if they come any closer. The Secret Service shouts for the Camos to drop their weapons, with guns drawn, just as the US President takes the plunge, and ignoring warnings, steps forward.

As soon as he does, a hail of bullets is released by the Camos, as the Secret Service return fire.

As soon as the guns fire, in the blink of an eye, an Orvani saucer comes streaking to a stop, right above the President's head, mere inches from his hair. The President instinctually covers his face with his arms, to prevent the bullets from hitting him, but there is no need... as he removes his arms from his face, he sees the bullets, almost hanging still, in mid-air... he is no longer in Earth's realtime... the Orvani saucer is right above him, and its space-time field is preventing the bullets from hitting him. Before he can do anything, the Orvani saucer transports him aboard, and there, the entire truth is revealed to him, by the Commander...

In 1947, there was an... incident. Two Orvani ships crashed on Earth. One ship's crew died. The other ship held three survivors. Those three were taken to the Groom Lake facility, where they eventually contacted Orvan. The Orvani government sent a ship to take the dead back home, but a deal was struck...

The Orvani were seeking to learn more about themselves, by studying us, and other less-evolved humanoids. They wanted to continue the study, on a voluntary basis. They offered a deal. We would allow 12 humans to travel to Orvan with the arriving ship, and in exchange, the Orvani three that survived, would be left on Earth, so we may study them, and learn from them... an exchange program.

But the ORVANI government wanted this covered up... because they were afraid that the humans would not understand the peaceful intent of the exchange, and would fear that it was leading to an invasion. Conversely, they were also afraid that their own people would not understand why they would seek to bring lesser-evolved humanoids to Orvan, to live amongst them. And, as was pointed out, people tend to fear that which they don't understand. So, it was covered up. But no longer.

That is what I have. I welcome thoughts and questions.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 09:46 PM
You have an active imignation. Keep working with it.

IMHO your theory is as plausible as the many others that are circulating. I can not say you are wrong or correct about Area 51. Nor can anyone else at this point in time.

Area 51 holds great interest and uncanny pull on me. I was born in 1947. My parents were brilliant people. They were a cut above most people.

When I was a very young baby my family tells of my fascination for the moon. I was only 3 months old and would cry to go outside and stare and reach longingly for the bright spot in the sky. My fascination has steadily grown over the years. I'm still looking and lusting for the moon through a telescope.

What is it that draws me to Area 51 and the moon? I don't know. But it is very powerful.

In my wildest dreams I want to imagine my roots are in Area 51. Why not?

Imagination is an asset. Fine tune it. You may become a famous science fiction writer.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 02:08 PM

Thank you. I am actually involved in a lot of writings now, "Shades of Gray" is but one of many projects.

I am sure there is "something" on the Moon. After all, it is WELL within our technology and budget to return so often to the Moon, yet no man has been there in decades. Why the absence?

Anyway, again, thanks for the kind words.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 02:35 PM
Well, as a work of fiction, I would read and enjoy it

You have a great writing style, it's very readable.
You also obviously know how to weave an interesting plotline, and you make an interesting comparison between these Orvani (greys) and Humans, that BOTH species might not be ready for the 'truth'.

As a working theory though, I'd have to say that I don't feel (in any situation) a working theory can be derived from imagination, even if some truth is contained in the original idea, artistic impressions will also remain, making the theory (unavoidably) unfounded hypothesis in many places.

But I'm not saying you're wrong either, I don't have that kind of intel

To make it a working theory (in addition to a fascinating fictional story) you would necessarily need to be able to place a footnote after almost every sentence in your original posts, each referencing a solid source document where you learned that particular bit of information was valid.

Regardless though, it sounds like an interesting fictional read, and I like the genre, so I'd probably read it.


Oops I almost forgot, what does the title of this thread mean in relation to your story? That's the one aspect I didn't understand...

[edit on 19-5-2008 by WitnessFromAfar]

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 07:38 PM

Hey, thank you much, for the kind words! I am very interested in posting the story here, when the time comes... I firmly think UFO buffs will greatly enjoy it. I am trying VERY hard, to make it as detailed and truthful as possible, as far as UFO lore goes.

The title of this thread; "It's not you, it's me", alludes to the fact that it is not OUR government covering up the Orvani presence... it is the Orvani themselves.

The working title of the series, "Shades of Gray", is meant to convey my desire to show all the facets of this remarkable culture of peoples. The Grays are not simply aliens. They are real living, breathing, beings, like you and I. true, their technology may seems godlike, beside our own, but that just means they have an understanding that we lack... for now. Put a modern human beside a Neanderthal, and he would seem like a Gray to the Neanderthal.

There are four "arcs" in the series.

Arc I: "The Day The Saucers Came"

This is what starts it all... in the year 2077, a small fleet of Orvani saucers lands on Earth, part of a refugee fleet from their homeworld (which we never see, until the last arc), forced out of their own star system, for reasons they never fully disclose to us. Their arrival on Earth is heralded by series of "good deeds" or "miracles", that they perform, to demonstrate their peaceful intent.

Arc II: "The Blue And The Gray"

As synopsized above, this arc deals with the uncovering of the Area 51 conspiracy, and the chain reaction effect that has on both human and Orvani civilizations, and the unrest it creates within the ranks of the Orvani themselves.

Arc III: "The Heavens And The Earth"

It has been three full years, since the Orvani landed on Earth. Not everyone is happy about it. Religious factions on Earth lash out against the Orvani, claiming they are demons sent here, to lead humanity away from the true word of God. A religious faction claims responsibility for the very first destruction of an Orvani saucer, by human hands. The incident tries the patience of the Orvani... most are content to let the event slide, but some among the military, want the humans exterminated, citing that this is proof that humans are wild, and uncontrollable. The Orvani finally find a way to make peace with the religious leaders of Earth.

Arc IV: "Gray Heirs"

The people of Earth begin making demands for Orvani technology, citing they have been here for 4 years, yet have not given mankind anything. The world leaders say the Orvani have the power to end almost every problem on the globe, yet sit on their reservations, and do nothing. The Orvani say we are not ready, but in a gesture of good faith, give us small samples of their advanced technologies.

The Orvani are right... humans are not ready.

Instantly, the nations of the world fall upon one another, like hungry wolves, for the claim to the new technologies, and war with one another for it. The Orvani are now split... when they refuse to give us any more tech, we turn our weapons on them, and threaten them. The Orvani tell us to go ahead, that every weapon on the planet would not even scratch the finish on their hulls... it would be like trying to destroy an incoming atom bomb, by hurling a single grain of sand at it.

So, we launch our weapons of destruction at the Orvani... everything we have on Earth... and it does nothing, and we bear the aftermath... the Orvani just sit silent, as our cities burn, from our own weapons. Some Orvani are delighted, that they are seeing our own stupidity destroy us for them. Others want to finish us off, and wipe us from the Earth, to put us out of Earth's misery. This causes a second war... between the Orvani, as the Orvani that like humans war with those who would destroy us. Finally, the only answer is clear...

If they remain, both species will destroy one another. So, the Orvani apologize for harming us, and take everything, and depart Earth, for another world, leaving us with their lesson.

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