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Flying Saucers In Ancient India

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 01:34 AM
I am new to this excellent forum. I'm in the process of packing my gear from JREF to this place. Those guys are just TOO skeptical.

Right. On to the point. says some rather outlandish things and as an intelligent thinking individual it is always wise to do further research than to believe everything you read. Amazingly enough a lot of the things said on that site I have found out independently are actually true. Heres the mental link:

Many of the races in the above link I have come to accept beyond reasonable doubt i.e. the Greys, the Pleiadians, the Annunaki and the Naga (reptilians/nephilim). One alleged race really appeals to me and they are the dark blue skinned humans from Vega. My first piece of research trying to find supporting evidence of these people and their interaction with humanity has lead me to this very interesting article:

I am sure that the Hindu who has written has little to no idea that Vishnu, Krishna etc are allegedly from another planet around Vega and that extraterrestrial spacecraft are powered by the mind and not mechanically; yet these are his conclusions based on his own independent research. Whenever I hear or read the words 'fiery chariot' I now automatically translate it to spaceship.

My opinion is that the blue humans in Indian 'myths' were extraterrestrials and came in these 'tantrically' powered vehicles. They were (and quite possibly still are) extremely spiritually evolved. It is understandable that earth humans would be in awe and call them gods and that events about their presence here slowly became embellished and changed into legend and then into myth. I'd love to meet these guys.

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