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Does Everyone Matter Equally?

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 06:23 PM
This is another issue that is quite alarming to me, beyond the very obvious dog and pony, 3 ring circus our "choices" for the POTUS have become.


Again, we have more of the Elitist, "We matter so much more than you, little peons" mentality and oppressive, authoritorian rule being shoved down our throats as a nation. This has gotten so blatant and in-our-faces anymore that it's jaw-dropping.

This is the epitome of what is very wrong and broken with our system-The few rich and powerful deciding over the fate of the masses.

From the superdelegate process to the farm bill to the recent raid on immigrants in Postville, Iowa, elitism is rearing its nipped-and-tucked head all across America.

How else can you explain anointing a handful of Democratic party officials to have more power in the nominating process than millions of average American voters? According to CNN, each Democratic superdelegate has more power than 13,000 primary voters. So just like George Bush was able to ignore millions of people marching in the streets against the Iraq War, the superdelegates are free to replace the will of the voters with their own whims. The idea that, like father, superdelegates know best, is anti-democratic and elitist.

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