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Cause and Effect

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posted on Dec, 29 2002 @ 07:32 AM
I understand the psychology of the terrorist. While one must condemn the actions of these
individuals, it is important to understand their motivations. Terrorism is rarely blind. It is
however, an effective tool which can be utilized as a weapon of war for people who do
not have a standing army with which to fight a conventional war.

Since 9/11, there has been much talk of fighting and defending ourselves against terrorism.
Everyone agrees that America is hated throughout the Arab world. What no one is talking
about are the reasons why. Many people are unaware as to the extent that the United
States is manipulating the entire middle east region.

From Israel to Oil, we justify our actions for the need of our country. It is time I feel to
ask ourselves...Is it need, or is it greed? Are we justified in vilifying the Osamas of the
world for fighting back with the only means at their disposal? Are we so arrogant as to
believe that we have a right to the riches which lay beneath THEIR lands?

Terrorism is never unprovoked. To truly fight it, we must attempt to understand it. We
must stop and realize that we bring it all on ourselves. Our policies toward the Middle
East must undergo radical change if we are to diffuse this situation. The only solution is to
leave the affairs of the Middle East to the people who live there.

The alternative is unending war that will tear this country apart.

posted on Dec, 29 2002 @ 07:57 AM
I had the pleasure of having a professor who for a living is a Terrorist analyst and has done as much work for Israel as he has for the U.S. who'd tell you you are wrong.

Here's the reason why, middle eastern terrorists are not motivated for the reasons you gave. They do not suffer under an American fist, and toil in slavery to America and such, the fact is they toil in slavery to Islam.

They simply wake up one day, and some thing an event, prompts them to run off and become a "Martyr".

They don't know anything about america, other than they hate it. Because there is no america over there, except for McDonalds if even that. AT&T that sort of thing. These people are nuts. And DO need to be destroyed.

What needs to be looked at is how we can better negotiate with the Middle East.

As someone once told me not long ago, you can't make policies and treaties with the common masses, there needs to be a person or government body to make these decisions.

In the recent past, we propped up simple governments that served our necessity for an organized government, the problem is they are greedy and dictatoral, and care nothing about their people.

There now that we know the short history of the insane governments of the Middle East, which spawns out of the fact that ever since the end of the Caliph the Middle East has been fractured due to tribalism, we can now wonder why do they hate the US so much?

It is again simple. Israel. The reasons that Arabs hate Israel now have nothing to do with why they hate Israel at first. The first reason was because they were pissed that Britain lied to them and took their land called Palastine, after WWI, when they gave this land to the Jews they thought they'd take it and they got their asses kicked.

Now they hate Israel because it has gone on so long, basically any little thing Israel does, the Middle East has to be the opposite. That and Israel has been "taking" land from Palastine which never existed anyways. The Arabs hate the Palastinians as much as the Israelies, and are only using them. There is no more thinking over in the Middle East, they are just raised to hate eachother, which is bad. As I think someone here posted earlier, Israel was so gracious to give the Muslims that holy hill or whatever, Mariah that the Dome of the Rock is on. They simply could have taken it for themselves.

Israel is the good guys over there, no matter what the liberal media wants you to think. They are very tollerant of other Religions, and are Democratic, they are no different than the US, other than instead of losing 3000 people in WTC, they lose 3000 people every year to Resturant bombings and car bombs blowing up next to Busses.

The reason the US is involved, is because in that 7 day war where Israel conquered Sinai peninsula, we were supplying them with weapons, the Arabs were going to beat the crap out of the Israelies if we did nothing, so we intervened and they've not forgiven us since. The Arabs were the agressors, and they were Greedy.

The common suicide bomber, doesn't know ANY of this. So this whole thing doesn't matter, the reason they blow themselves up to smite us, is because they are easily brain washed, due to the fact that they are usually teenagers when they get wrapped up in this, and that they have a very vengeful religion.

Contrary to popular belief, USA does not punt around the middle east like it is its football. We pay more than we should for their stinking oil, and they are lucky for that! The problem with the Middle East is they've never heard the saying "count your blessings". They are greedy evil people, as a whole. Individually they are as nice as anyone else. But their nations, their governments, their public mind set, is greedy, and has an inferiority complex. They all believe they are the world's joke, when most people don't even know they exist, which in this world, is a good thing.

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posted on Dec, 29 2002 @ 08:17 AM
In conclusion I want to point everyone to a point in history, that is over looked by EVERYONE, but is more important than the birth of Jesus or Buddha, more important than the founding of Rome or of the invention of the Wheel.

Granted it could never have happend without probably every one of those previously mentioned things but still, a thing's importance is not lessend because of its necessity on previous events.

I'm talking about the Dismantling of Nazism.

This is so over looked it is retarded, every kid should take a class on "The Rise and Fall of Nazism" in Public High School to Graduate.

Want to know why?

Because it pertains to nearly everything that we want to avoid, and it pertains DIRECTLY to the middle east.

First off, Nazism rose out of a gullable people, who were looking for "the answer" to their woes. This is the same as the Middle Easterners, I don't know how gullable they are, but the common person there is looking to the answer to their woes (brought on them by themselves) and the answer given isn't economic build up, but blow yourself UP! (I made a funny)

Anyways...the most important part and most over-looked of all is DENAZIFICATION!

Nothing like this had ever before been done in the world.

It was the complete AWAKENING forced by the conqueror on the conquerored, to end all greivances and hate, and insanity.

Basically we occupied Germany until it was Democraticized and when it was we continued to occupy it for another near 30 years to be sure, and we still show our influence there with the numerous amounts of military forces we keep there, and excersise in their very own towns.

Basically, we took a Brainwashed people, that thought they were gods, and humbled them.

This is what must be done to the Middle East.

We need to smash the governments we put there, smash the terrorists, and occupy those lands and prop up democracies.

Then in 50 years we will see if we are so fortunate as to have won, when we see if there are more than 1 leader running for the Executive position in the Governments.

I'm not saying crush the religion, we merely need to liberate the people there.

The middle East along with China is the last STRONGHOLD of oppression in the world. Before WWI it was simply a bunch of tribes, and thus of no consequence even to itself. But since then its become very organized and very harmful to its people. We therefore must dismantle their armies, employ their people as police teachers and doctors, and order them to act civilized.

We need to be the ONLY military presence there, maybe even in Israel, who knows if they are fully on the level and wouldn't try to start something.

And when we are the only military presence like in Afghanistan, we can help them with Army Engineers to build farms, irrigation, desalinization plants and such, and with infrastructure comes freedom.

Don't listen to the Liberal Lie, they must not be left alone, or they will Nuke us off the face of the earth.

If they can smuggle in one back pack nuke, then they can smuggle in 50 back pack nukes with 50 different sleepers, all set to blow up on a certain date, one per city, and goodbye USA.

However if we give the seething masses in the middle east what they want, Food, and Water, then they'll no longer see us as bad guys, they'll no longer care about a patch of land the size of New Jersey, they'll realize they have an area as large as Russia, and be happy with it. Because they'll no longer be slaves to their leaders, but rather be their own voice, and the common man is not as greedy as the ruler of a nation.

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posted on Dec, 30 2002 @ 09:52 AM
That's really interesting FreeMason..I didn't think of it that way..I never would have likened the situation in the middle east to the rise of natziism but I see your point. Good post.

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