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Gas Prices only helping NWO!

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 03:02 PM
Okay I normally dont get into all of this but I do have to say that gas prices are on the rediculously high end now and that can only help the nwo agenda.

Slowing down undocumented travel. People will be more likely to fly somewhere rather than go on a road trip. When you fly that requires ID. THEY know where you are going.

In some cases eliminating "unnecessary" travel. Families will be less likely to go see grandma when gas prices are on the rise.

Increase in telephone, online meetings, and chatroom communications due to the rising cost of gas. all of these things can be monitored.

The best fuel for the war machine is millions of beaten down impoverished americans who will be looking for a savior.

Plus, none of the powers that be are dumb enough not to have a hand in the oil industry's cookie jar.

Steal from the poor and give to rich.

Just wanted to say I dont believe everything i just typed i was just thinking about it and the pieces fell together too easily for me to not think aloud. Thanks for reading.


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