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The Great Human Oppression

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 08:01 AM
The beauty of the internet is that for those of use who haven't had the time or the access to the knowledge of everyday things,

We can now watch a video and learn a great deal. It's like having a window on the worlds knowledge. Thousands of books and teachers at your fingertips, all you have to do is ask the right questions.

One thing a find apparent through all my research.

Scientists, doctors, lawyers, and others, have made the world around
us, HARDER to understand, to seperate those that have the knowledge
from those that don't

Ever wonder why a doctor is so much more expensive, than an electrician?
Without the electrician, the doctor would be making housecalls with a leather bag. So what gives? Why do we set the doctor, lawyer, politician up on the pedestal, when it's the people that produce the doctors instruments, and it's the people the lawyer defends, or prosecutes, and it's the people the politicians are SUPPOSED to represent, that run this country. Why do we act like we don't? Why do we accept paying their wages out of our pockets? Why do we put THEM on the pedestal, when it should be us, that are looked up to.

We are just as worthy as them, and it's time we act like it. It's not about money, status, symbolism. It's about equality in all humans. We are all, equally important, and deserve to be treated so, or we should take our freedom back from those who have stolen it.

We were all born with the knowledge of how it all works. It's in our subconscious, and we just have to bring it forward, because we are part
of the creation. (make your own bread, the yeast is good for you!)

We have been left out of the learning process, because it is easier to control
people who don't know their true abilities. It's called, oppression.

We are not from apes, we are from God, but scientists and teachers of Darwinism will teach you otherwise, and God forbid you mention it in
a public school. We should demand that that be an option in school, and
Darwinism should be an option too.

Information like how to create wood gas, making hydrogen from water,, electric cars
have been kept from us, to keep us dependent on institutions, and people who were taught in them. Is the goal of college to learn, or to be "successful" and rich? To be able to be the first one on the family to go to college.

Many of the great ideas, best inventions, came from people with little schooling, but a fundamental knowledge of how things work. But instead
of sharing that idea, so man can benefit from it's use, we patent it, and insure that the military gets first dibs, so if it can be used to manipulate/kill, that can keep it.

Become your own lawyer, doctor or scientist. The info is available, and we all have supernatural intelligence. We are not slave to them. We are intelligent, peaceful beings who are the kings and queens of the universe. And we are respected, because we are fair, but make swift and powerful judgements.

Use the internet, to understand what you don't care about.

Here is a little example, to show you what I mean.

Did you know, suction does not exist?
Great short educational video.


posted on May, 15 2008 @ 08:07 AM
It is simply the matter of time invested in education. Doctor needs (at least here) 7 years to become professional - and inexperienced doctors are not paid that much. An electrician (at least here - and i am talking about technician) can have license after courses that can take anywhere from half a year to 2 years. It does not mean that technician is not as smart as a doctor, just that it is easier and faster pathway and more follow it then longer one. As for engineers - i doubt that average electrical engineer with doctorate earns less then average doctor. And they studied for the same amount of time.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by ZeroKnowledge

Show me a hospital that works without electricity, and I will says those doctors are more important than the electrician.

It takes many years of knowledge to understand the complex electrical systems of todays buildings. It took me 8 years to get a Master Electricians license, and I've had that for 9 yrs now, and I'm still finding systems that are new all the time.

But this isn't about electricians, or professions against trades, because I don't think most people even realize it.

But those pulling the strings, know all too well, how to make things more complicated than necessary, to keep us in check.

For example, we all use electricity. Why are we not taught a little about it in school? We are taught home economics, history, politics. But, things like electricity, hydraulics, carpentry, are not taught, and left to career paths.

So, if your a carpenter, that's what you do. Instead of everyone having basic knowledge of structural framing, we leave that up to going to college and architects.

Many architects, would have no clue how to actually frame house.
So, who is more important, the architect, or the framer.

I would suggest, the framer could build a perfectly sound house, and make it look great.

I challenge almost any architect to do that.

But, I did find an architect making a difference.

So, I imagine it's more important WHAT we do with our knowledge, than HOW MUCH knowledge we have.


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