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Why disasters? (Acts of God)

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 08:14 AM
Why Disasters? (Acts of God)

There is a conspiracy, in the realm of the spirit. That reaches down and influences the
realm of man. To put mankind into a position that forces God's hand. To allow disasters to
happen. There are laws of the spiritual realm, that both sides of the forces of heaven
are aware of. The forces of heaven are conducting spiritual warfare. Warfare that effects
the realm of mankind.
Mankind's fate in this warfare is decided by which side they yield to. The forces of darkness,
or the forces of light. Falsehood, or truth! When we humans make a decision in our hearts and
minds. That there is no ultimate truth, there is no creator or God and or that we our incapable
of knowing the truth or God. We open the door to the evil side of the
spirit world. Which then leads us into that position, where God must pass judgment. Putting
a stop to the direction that we have chosen.
Jesus likened this to God growing a vineyard, or farm on earth. He planted good seed. An enemy
sows evil seed among the good. The final harvest, (judgment) is the end of the World. When God
takes all the souls; gathering the good into His heavenly barns. Burning up the evil.
Can man do anything to alter this process? Yes he can. The story (parable) Jesus gave of the
sower tells us how we can prosper and avoid earthly judgment. If we receive the truth of God
into our hearts. Let it grow and bring forth (good fruit). Then we will be protected from evil.
But if we allow the evil seeds to grow, and we bring forth (evil fruit). God, the good farmer
that He is. Is forced to either prune back that plant. Or to totally cut it down.
This is what we are seeing, in all the disasters around the world!
Like the recent earthquake in China, typhoon in Burma, etc. etc.

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