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If you were running for POTUS in 2008...

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posted on May, 13 2008 @ 08:28 PM
If you were running for President of the United States in 2008 against the current candidates, what would your platform be?

What would you do about the issues today?

Financial Issues
What would you do about the economic crisis? How would you stabilize and eventually reverse the situation?
What would you do about the federal reserve?
What would you do to bring the value of the dollar up to its former glory?
What would you do about NAFTA?
How would you handle trade with countries? Would you continue free trade?
What would you cut / increase spending on? How exactly would you balance the budget?

Govt. Issues
What would you do to limit govt. ? (be specific and realistic... limit congress and senate terms for example)
What would you do about federal bureaucracies? (FDA, FTC etc.)
What legislation/laws would you create, repeal or modify?
What would you do about other govt branches? Example, would you allow president to appoint supreme court justices? Or would you leave it as is?

What would you do about Iraq? Would you leave? Would you stay? If so, under what conditions and circumstances?
What would you handle the war on terror? Provide reasons and specifics.
What would you do about Iran?
What would you do about China?
What would you do about bringing the military "back to shape"?
What would you do about the NSA, CIA and other military related agencies? Get rid of them? Limit their power? Be specific?

What would you do about the borders? Fence them? Build a wall? Guard them?
What would you do about immigration? Would you restrict immigration? Expand it?
What would you do about the "war on drugs?"
What would you do about the "war on poverty?"
What is your stance on gay rights, abortion, stem cell research etc? Allow, not allow?

What would you do about Global Warming and other environmental issues (pollution, garbage etc)? Agree with GW or not and what you generally do about it.

Would you allow drilling for oil and other resources in ANWAR (sp?) and off-shore coastal drilling? Would you continue to allow the govt. to subsidize ethanol and other alternative fuels?

What would you do about the "food crisis"? (rising food costs etc, Example, would you continue exporting food to other countries?)

What would you do about Social security? Keep it or get rid of it?
What would you do about education? Keep financing it or use it somewhere else?

Feel free to include other topics I have missed. (mark them off so we know whats been added)

What would you do about health care? Adopt a national health care system or allow the current system to continue?

As you can see, many of these questions are broad and open. I left them this way because I am curious to see what some of the people are looking for in a president. I know some of these questions don't apply to the president (or have any power over), but what would you encourage other politicians to do?

Most of all, BE SPECIFIC. Please provide a brief idea on what YOU would do. Lastly, please offer a reason why you would do the things you would do.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 08:44 PM
OK, you asked, so I will give you a reasoned answer:

I would physically eliminate all competition (especially the existing president et al), start from scratch and listen more to the grass roots. (a tad hypothetical).

Encourage a multi party state (I.e. 5 +).
Focus more my own country, not several distant ones.
Stop being so pretenscious internally and start showing more empathy externally.
Utilise the talent pool - not drive it away.
Transparency is key - not obscurity.
Focus on primary and secondary markets, tertiary can look after itself.
Less Government involvement in things it does not specialise in.
Enjoy life - stop worrying about terror, terror, terror via CBS, SKY news, Fox etc. This was created by your last Government - not this one.

Are we free or not people?

What bad could that do.. eh??


posted on May, 13 2008 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by Axeom

Very good thread. If only we could force canidate to answer this as questionare when they register their intent to run and make it public record we wouldn't have had everyone and their brother in the primaries stealing votes from one another.

Heck have a single time unlimited presidental debate with you as the moderator and this as the question list when and if the final straws are drawn and we get down to brass tacks and we might have half a shot if we do it a month ahead of time to give the parties time to come up with a real canidate to replace the knuckleheads they got now as front runners.

I'll give some answers of my own in a future post but it's bedtime for me now. But I promise, not to ponder all day and will answer them more or less live.


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