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Apocolypse Now!

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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 08:38 AM
2 questions has been floating around my head for the last cpl of weeks;why is America supporting Israel and why are they willing 2 take on all the Muslim countries of the Middle East for Israel??

Money,power,oil,control etc,are all valid answers,and all are probably true.
But what if the main reason was none of these things,what if it was religion.

From what i've been reading online (on such sites as this) and from what i've seen on the news networks i beginning to think that religion is the major reason.In fact i believe that the US and Israel (and Iran) are preparing for the fulfilling of Biblical prophecy.

As these links show,it would appear that things are already underway.

Along with this are the rumours that the 3rd Temple has started being built/is being prepared to be built.

Add to all this Iran's preperations for their returning Messiah,Mahdi,

and the picture starts to clear.

The questions now are;
Are these men playing God,or are they just carrying out His will,or are they actually working for Satan??
Can the 2nd Coming be manipulated by men,if you take into account that the Bible states quite clearly that no one will know when Christ will return or when Armageddon will be??
And if this is true,can these men be stopped??

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