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Destroy the Junta; Aid is needed!

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 01:57 PM
I recently started a thread showing my concern that this was a man made, or man assisted, cyclone that hit Myanmar. I proposed that our government may have used this attack to allow us to finally kick out said Junta. Well, I believe that the news is making this sound highly plausible.... what do you folks think of this now? Was killing 50, 000 in a "disaster" seem the right way to go? As opposed to the possibly 100,000's killed in a war to depose that gov't. The people will turn on this crisis. They will allow us to bomb the Junta. They will greet us as heroes and saviors.

So was this the best way to stop the cycle there, how long till we go in, and when will we cause an earthquake in Iran, or typhoon in N. Korea?

Myanmar Junta refuses aid delivery by U.S.

Junta seizes aid to people

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