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Duct tape projects - Broken Watchband?

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 11:28 AM
If you've ever had a Casio style watch you know that the watchband often breaks before the battery runs out. Here's how to fix it or replace it.

First, for a replacement, try this site: Casio Replacement Bands. You find the number of your watch and band on the back of your watch. Usually three letters and a couple numbers. Then you can go to or call a local watch repair shop and ask if they have that specific band or can order it for you. While you're at it get two.

However, if you want a low cost method, use duct tape.
1. Free, or nearly free
2. Wide selection of colors, black, red, camo.
3. Fun to make.

First, save the parts of your old band and definitely save the pins and the clasp, and if it's in good shape, the strap retainer.

Next, look at the width of your band. Then tear off a strip of duct tape that's about 2"-4" longer than the piece(s) that just broke.

For the clasp side, fold the tape over, but just ONE SIDE about 1/4".

Careful. (no wrinkles), then fold the other side so they just meet in the middle. This will give you about 3/4" wide, maybe even 7/8". Overlap the folds if your band is narrower.

Now press the folded tape flat using a straight edge, using gentle pressure, and trim the end. If you have plenty of length, you can trim one end into a spear point to facilitate threading it under the pins. It's easy. You might even be able to take the pins out and just wrap it and replace.

Now with a small piece of duct tape, tape the end near the watch, securing it in place, but allowing some overlap. Do the same for the other end with the clasp, but make it about 3" longer than the original.

Thread the watch case end and tape it. Then thread it through the clasp. You might need to fold the tape in a slight taper to get it to fit through the clasp. Tape down that end. Trim length as needed.

Now fashion your "extra wide" restraining strap, same method of folding the tape along its length. Finally size the watch band to find out where to punch a small hole for the tooth. If you have the broken band parts, you can eyeball it to get a similar size.

Then try it on, and trim the excess parts of the strap.

Post your duct tape projects!

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