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Developing Situation: Hezbollah seizes West Beirut, beseiges Pro-West Government

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 06:35 AM
Hezbollah has seized control of Western Beirut today, May 9th, where Pro-Western Government institutions held their offices. It's reported that Pro-Government Defenders surrendered to the Hezbollah attackers after arranged army negotiations of a surrender of all army positions in the area.

Army soldiers travelled from Pro-Government office to office, seeking out Pro-Government militiamen and persuading them to surrender as the Hezbollah and Amal Opposition militias were rallied just outside, prepared to seize the buildings. This is a grave situation for the Pro-Democratic Government in Lebabnon as they are now effectively being blackmailed by superior arms of the Shiite militias. The Lebanese Army explains that they have "too many interior factions within the Lebanese Army that could divide if we involved ourselves in this fight". Essentially he is admitting that half of the Lebanese Army are Hezbollah sympathizers and will defect or even change sides.

With the Pro-Government militias persuaded to leave their positions by the Lebanese Army on behalf of Hezbollah (basically: "leave or die"), fighting has died down today, Thursday the 9th of May, from an increased level of street violence on the 7th and 8th of May in Beirut, Lebanon, between Hezbollah and Pro-Government militias. 11+ people have been killed and 44+ wounded in the clashes since May 8th alone, according to Lebanese Internal Security Forces.

Hezbollah also moved to remove Pro-Government television from the air. They removed Future TV and al-Ekhbariya TV -- both Government sponsored television stations, after rallying around their offices in battle attire in a threatening gesture.

"They went off the air after being threatened by government opponents in Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim militia, and Amal, a major Shiite party in Lebanon."
-Nadim Mounla, head of Future TV.

"Early this morning, many armed militiamen were in the surroundings of the Future television headquarters and they have sent us a very clear message: 'Either you shut off or (we're going to) destroy the premises,'"
-Nadim Mounla, head of Future TV.

These TV stations are owned by the Hariri family, heirs of the slain Rafik Hariri, Anti-Syrian lawmaker who was assassinated in 2005. Apparently, many lawmakers are currently being beseiged in their homes, some without protection, and the Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is believed to be under protection in his downtown office. Clearly their appears to be a coup in the works, and it is ironic the Shiite militant forces have taken this long to act. The Pro-Democracy Government, while great, was weak, and the Lebanese Army is also weak, and cannot protect the Government. As we see here, the Army didn't even fight! they refused to protect their own Government.

The latest tensions between the Shiite militia and the Sunni-led government were sparked Monday by the government's crackdown on Hezbollah's telecommunication system and the firing of the chief of security at Beirut airport. The security chief was dismissed amid a probe of allegations that Hezbollah had installed cameras and other monitoring equipment there.

Thursday's fighting erupted shortly after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said the government's ban on the telecommunications system amounted to "a declaration of open war."

"We believe the war has started, and we believe that we have the right to defend ourselves," Nasrallah said. "We will cut the hand that will reach out to the weapons of the resistance, no matter if it comes from the inside or the outside."

Hezbollah supporters continue to block roads leading to Beirut's airport, forcing the cancellation of nearly all incoming and outgoing flights.

The airport is strategic for Lebanon, which is wedged between Syria and Israel, because it is the only way in and out of the country for many people.

An intense clash between fighters armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades broke out Thursday evening in downtown Beirut's Sodeco Square, which lies between a Shiite and Sunni neighborhood.

The Lebanese army, which is charged with trying to keep peace in the capital, did not intervene.


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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 08:17 AM
good post.

i've been watching this story unfold for a few days now. it's a very bad situation there. and it could get alot worse real fast.

IMO though, the hezbolla will work out a peace agreement. i dont think they really want to run the government. i think they are just trying to send the message, "dont mess with us."

i hate to admit it, but, i looks like the west pushed the government to make the crack-down. problem is, they cant really help now that things have gone bad.

what a sticky situation.
here's hoping cooler heads prevail.

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 09:26 AM

Originally posted by JSR

IMO though, the hezbolla will work out a peace agreement. i dont think they really want to run the government. i think they are just trying to send the message, "dont mess with us."

I'd hafta disagree with you politely there.

I think Hezbollah and Amal plan to take over the entire Government, and kick the Pro-West Government to the curb, ala Gaza style when Hamas systematically eradicated all of Fatah, all Fatah members in Gaza, all in two days time.

Because, well .. the Lebanese Army is hollow and powerless, they all know this, the Shiite militia groups. The Sunni Muslims of Lebanon are just as bad off as the Lebanese Maronite Christians the the Druze .. the Shiite groups are flexing and expanding their operations. Nasrallah declared open war, and the first thing that they do is siege the places of Government? On top of this.. the Lebanese Army stands down as a gesture? Sheesh. If I were in Hezbollah, a full takeover of the Government would be imminent. They've taken control of Western Beirut, this is the center of Government in Lebanon, any further west and you'll be in the ocean.

It seems as if everything is lining up, just as it is written. I hate to get Biblical, but this backs up a prophecy. The Bible states in the Book of Daniel that during the end times, there will be a mighty battle between the Kingdom of the North, and the Kingdom of the South. The Kingdom of the North refers to the "idolizing" Israelites of the 10 tribes, currently non-existent, who made the 1st state of Israel. The southern Kingdom refers to Judah and Benjamin, the two tribes which stayed faithful to Yahweh, and kept Jerusalem.

How can there be a war betwixt the two in the end times if ... the northern kingdom .. doesn't exist? Ah.. but there is indeed a hostile kingdom to the immediate north of modern day Israel, and it is called Lebanon. Its' army is Hezbollah, which is funded, backed and supported by Iran.

There is a major shift that is about to occur, and I want everyone who reads this to remember that I said this before it actually happened. The Middle East conflict is growing into a new form. The new form is Shiite versus the West. No longer will Al-Qaeda and the Sunni militias be a major problem, nor will their terrorists be effective, the new Islamic Army to fear are the Shiites.

There is major hostility in Iraq right now between the Shiite militias and the Americans as well as the Iraqi "Government". The Shiite minority in Yemen has been involved in violence lately. The Shiite country of Iran is gearing up for open war. Its' proxy army, Hezbollah, in Lebanon holds the confidence of the entire Shiite population, which is very sizable, in Lebanon. Lebanon splits to something like 40% Shiite, 30% Sunni, 15% Christian, and 5% Druze. Simply put, wherever a Shiite enclave exists, or wherever a country is predominantly Shiite, there is either war, or maneuvers in preparation for war, and the enemy is always the West and Western interests and allies, specifically the USA, Britain, and Israel.

By the turn of the decade, the greater portion of the Middle East will be embroiled in a Shiite-led conflict. The Shiites are rising to try to take the reigns, and the Sunni will not sit idle while this happens. Saudi Arabia will not sit idle. Pakistan will not sit idle with its' nuclear arsenal. Egypt and Jordan will not assist the Shiites, but may be forced to sit idle by Israel. Israel will lash out against all of them, and so will America. America will be the strong arm of the Israelis and the Saudis .. simply put.

Really, thats what America is .. the strong arm of Saudi Arabia and Israel. The two nations with the two most religiously significant cities in existence. The two nations that attempt to lay claim to the faiths passed down by the prophets of God unto men. And America is their army, navy and air force. Well hey, at least this makes America the good guys .. right?

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 10:23 AM
If Hezbollah gains control of the Lebanese government apparatus then we are in for a serious feces storm in the middle-east. I don't think Israel will stand for Hezbollah, an Iranian funded and supplied organizazion that spanked them two summers ago, being in complete control of their northern border. Given the stepped up rhetoric against Iran in America in recent weeks, I wouldn't be surprised to see Israel move against Lebanon and Syria this summer, perhaps supported by limited incursions into Iran with U.S support. At that point it's anyones game. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this remains a local issue that doesn't have region-wide consequences.


posted on May, 9 2008 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by runetang
Sheesh. If I were in Hezbollah, a full takeover of the Government would be imminent. They've taken control of Western Beirut, this is the center of Government in Lebanon, any further west and you'll be in the ocean.

its hard to disagree with your post. I'll admit, I don't have a full grasp of the area.

but the reason I said what I did is, because, if Hezbollah gains total control of the government by force then they would have to manage it. that mean all of the mundane things a government is tasked to handle. that's a lot of used up resources distracted from the war effort against Israel.

but, I can see your point. very good discussion here.


edit to add a link to an article i found.

An ally of Hezbollah said the group intended to pull back, at least partially, from the areas its gunmen occupied overnight and Friday morning—signaling Hezbollah likely does not intend a full-scale, permanent takeover of Sunni Muslim parts of Beirut, similar to the Hamas takeover of Gaza a year ago.

source: ( )

so they just might strike a deal.

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