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Murder Natalie Holloway - Joran Van Der Sloot - Global awareness

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posted on May, 3 2008 @ 06:55 PM
Natalie Holloway was a teen visiting Aruba in May 2005 for a high school graduation vacation. one night she went out clubbing with her friends but never returned home. Natalie Holloway - Wikipedia My wife and I were in America at the time of her disappearance and because she was an attractive blonde teen the news channels were running huge stories on her 24 hours a day therefore, this story caught our attention and up until this day when I meditate this still has my attention.

What makes this different to alot of abductions/murders is the fact the the prime suspect just so happens to be the son of a very powerful and influential father. Who I believe played a massive part in her disappearance, and who helped his son not only get out of prison after being arrested but set him up with a nice life in the Netherlands, shortly after being released. Joran leaves Aruba

The reason I am writing this is because I want to hear from anyone that has any theories about this, very recently Joran was caught by secret cameras confessing dumping Natalies body in the ocean with the help of a secret friend.Jorans confession I believe that this secret friend was his dad. I have a strong gut feeling that something went on behind closed doors whilst Joran was in prison and with his dad and some other powerful people of Aruba it was agreed that instead of damaging the Van Der Sloot reputation and the tourism of Aruba May 2005 that this case would go unsolved and that Joran Van Der Sloot would leave immediately and start a new life away from the island.

I would like to hear from anybody that has any theories about the disappearance of Natalie Holloway and/or the involvement of Joran Van Der Sloot

Or if you are just reading this I really hope you remember the Van Der Sloot name as I am sure it will crop up again and please send all your thoughts to Natalie and her familly

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