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Non spectacular sighting

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posted on May, 3 2008 @ 03:15 AM
Does every UFO report have to be of a Mothership 2 miles wide , or of bright unearthly lights in the night sky making impossible manouvres ?
I may have spotted a UFO last night 02/05/08 but maybe i didn't . I have saw an Unexplainable Flying Object once , it was as high and as bright in a clear night sky as the stars but it was moving in a relatively straight path and moving pretty fast , my first thought was cool a sattelite , then it made a sharp 45 degree upward turn at great speed and seemed to dissappear , that's when i began taking an interest in UFO's.
Now to my non spectacular sighting last night , i was having my usual after dinner smoke in the garden and happened to glance up to the sky as i do from time to time . It had been a lovely sunny day ( a rare occurence in Scotland ) and there was hardly a cloud in the still bright sky , i noticed away off in the distance a small black dot high up moving in my general direction , i watched it for a few minutes as it got closer but it had no exhaust trail like you see coming from behind a plane and as it was pretty much still daylight i could see no strobe lights on the thing . Now is where the strange part comes . It was approaching a small cloud formation , im no expert on clouds or sky so i can only describe the clouds as wispy , the kind you could see through and watch something pass over or through it . As i waited for this thing to pass through the other side of the cloud which should have taken litterally a few seconds i noticed that it seemed to have dissapeared , the only way it could have been hidden by cloud would have been to have made a turn at right angles within a few seconds and even then i should still be able to see it . I watched and scanned the sky for the object but could not find it anywhere and was totally stumped . I will await the usual "WOW you saw something in the sky then it vanished behind the clouds" , but that is not what i saw happen . I saw this thing be there one minute and unexplainably gone the next .
Anyhow , i thought i'd make my first post on here as i have stalked these forums for long enough
Believers keep believing and Debunkers keep debunking

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