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Thanks For Going The Extra Mile, You're Being Laid Off

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 10:14 AM
What more can I say. I've got a wife, a child, a house, a mortgage, and a car payment. I've given my "real life" job over 5 years of service, each year going above and beyond the call of duty, taking on every extra project and ensuring the success of anything and everything put in front of me. I've worked 1-2 unpaid extra hours every day for the last year or so, and kept up the morale for my team through the hardest times we had, assuring them that everything will turn out for the best.

Now, in a month, maybe two at most, I, and my entire department will be out of a job. I've been thanked for my hard work, and assured I can use them as a reference, but some bean-counter decided to slice all unbillables.


Looks like it's back to pavement pounding for me. I hope to god I find something soon.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 10:17 AM
What do you do, and general location.
I have alot of contact across the country. No promises, but I'll be more than happy to try. Shoot me a U2U.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by thelibra

Im sorry to hear that thelibra... Stay strong man! I know that you have a strong charater type, from what I read on your posts and threads!
I think you will come out of this okay, and all things as negtive as they might seem at the time, always happen for some kind of reason.

I know from personal exp. what it is like to go threw what you are having to go threw.. Nothing I can say will make this easy on you. But I know I have put many years, some of the best years of my life into a biz. And come out in the end on my butt.. All that work just gone. And now I have to rely on my back up jobs of all things. Being a cook. Its something I really dont like to do, but I do it because it keeps the money comming in.

Im very sure you are like me in the aspect you have a couple back up trade skills you can pull out of a hat on a mins notice.
While it may not be the type of job you like, or are use to. It will still get you threw the tuff times..

And remain tuff.. You have all us here to vent to if needed..
We will be listening, if you have the time to write..

All the best! and good luck..
It just seems this system we have is built to build you up, only to just knock you down. Time and time agin I have gone from nothing to having what I wanted.. Then only to find all I wanted was taken away from me in a matter of weeks. This world can seem wicked and crule.
But you have a loving family.. What else does a man really need?
Sure money helps, but love overcomes all, and understanding..
Its a ruff road we all must travle.. But I guess its nice to hear it from others, so that one doesn't feel like he or she is the only one.

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 10:38 AM
awww that sucks hun

zysin5 pretty much said all I was about to, just posted anyway to let you know I feel for you and wish you all the best

You will pull through, they're just testing you! I got an extra number 2 pencil here if ya need it, just holler my way

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by thelibra

Looks like it's back to pavement pounding for me. I hope to god I find something soon.

Any 'Rant' with a sigh in it doesn't qualify.

Let us know how you really feel...I'll help get you started...

"Those ungrateful SOB's who don't know dedication and talent when it saves their damn company!! Those infuriatingly lacking in gray matter morons just lost the future to their company. And God help the next guy that doesn't hire me...because then I may even vocalize my disdain.."

Seriously man....that sucks. But youu are an intelligent individual...I am sure that something will work out for you...

I wish that I had contacts all over the country....

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 12:34 PM
Thanks for the support all.

Originally posted by MemoryShock
Any 'Rant' with a sigh in it doesn't qualify.

There was a time when I would yell and scream and cuss and so forth, but age and kiddo has drained the vinegar from me. That and 12 years before this company of being a contractor of 3-6mo jobs drilled "just another job" into me. I guess now it's just a matter of "go find another damn job".

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 12:02 PM
Libra, I am in a boat that is about a mile behind yours.
I could smell the downsizing in the air for months.
Whenever I'd ask about it, I would get a pat on the head and told there are no worries of such. I was labeled as a trouble maker for talking about it.
Well our site and another nearby have begun the cutting. I am now told that it was necessary to keep viable. I have found out how bad things really are in spite of what is being fed to us. If our economy wasn't so god awful, maybe there would be a job in my field to run to, but there isn't. I am on a sinking ship and waved the last raft goodbye. :bnghd:

I feel your pain man. I too have young children a wife and a mortgage to take care of. Look at it this way, at least we AREN'T in a recession.

The only thing I have control over these days is what I have learned in our survival forum. I have been stocking up on food and planning for sitx. Well my friend, sitx comes in many forms.

I wish you luck and hope others see.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 08:25 AM

Originally posted by thelibra
I've worked 1-2 unpaid extra hours every day for the last year or so

I have been pondering your situation since you posted this. Best wishes to you in your job search.

I was in a similar situation a few years ago, when the job I had for a large company in the payroll / accounting department was sent to Canada.

Some people were able to keep jobs by switching to other departments. I was like you, the person to be counted on for "going the extra mile."

When I was talking to the head of the department about my extra work, on my own time, this is what the guy had to say.

"Nobody asked you to. The way I see it is, you did it because you or members of your team, were not able to finish your work in a normal work day."

He wanted to know why we were not productive enough to get our work done in a timely fashion! Hmmm, could have been the work load, but I wasn't going to argue. To him, it was my own fault or that of other team members we worked through our lunches, and never took breaks! It was our fault we worked extra hours in the morning or the evening.

So, just to let you know, even though I was helping out much of the time, the other members of my team by doing work that they didn't finish, it made me look bad. I thought I was a martyr when all I was doing was robbing myself of my own personal time.

After that job vanished to up north, I vowed never again to do work on my own time, ever again.

Funny thing is, employers will begin to expect the extra work out of you without compensating you for it, if they know you are willing to do it.

When you get settled into the new job, and you will, won't it be nice to have an extra couple of hours each day to spend with your wife and child?

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posted on May, 6 2008 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by Enthralled Fan
When I was talking to the head of the department about my extra work, on my own time, this is what the guy had to say.

"Nobody asked you to. The way I see it is, you did it because you or members of your team, were not able to finish your work in a normal work day."

He wanted to know why we were not productive enough to get our work done in a timely fashion!

My father said pretty much the same thing some time ago, and I'd forgotten it until just now. Thanks for the reminder. I'd made a similar promise to myself not to work outside of any hours I'm not paid for. I guess I just figured this time it'd be different.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 07:41 AM
buy a tarantula from a pet store,and post it through his letterbox.

petty revenge is under rated.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 07:54 AM

Originally posted by Acidtastic
buy a tarantula from a pet store,and post it through his letterbox.

Nah, I can't afford to burn any bridges in my industry, there's too much inbreeding in this area. Every support place I work in the Metroplex, I run into at least 2 or 3 people I worked with on a previous job, sometimes more.

Besides, why would I want to hurt an innocent little tarantula? Those guys are our friends, they hunt and eat the bad things. If anything, it'd be a squirrel. Those horrible little things will tear a place to shreds in minutes.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 02:45 PM
Do unto others as you would have done to yourself......
But 10 fold just to push the message home.

Stock up on stationary for a start

Throw as many anonymous spanners in the works as you can

Spread rumours about the company and any SOB who has helped cause this to happen

Feel no guilt, don't get caught, and remember that once you've gone, it is you who has the power, the commitment and the knowledge that will follow you to your next job.

I'm sure this is a blessing in disguise and they don't deserve you, good luck out there.

ps.....I've heard a nice fresh fish hidden well can be a real nightmare and really hard to get rid of the smell. One for that "bean counter" if you ask me (I HATE "jobsworths").....sardines also fit nicely into car air intakes!

Don't just rant....revenge can be sweeeeet (or smelly)

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 06:29 AM

Originally posted by nerbot
Don't just rant....revenge can be sweeeeet (or smelly)

Heh, nice. In my imagination, the mind is free to wreak havoc, but in reality, I am bound by a combination of business ethics and an obligation to remain a good father and husband by staying out of jail. If I'm ever going to prison, it's going to be for something that was really, really worth it, and on my own terms. Right now, I can't think of anything more important to me than providing for my wife and child, even at the prospect stationary.

But that aside, ethically, it's against my beliefs. I'm not exactly a knight in shining armor, but theft, destruction of property, and punishing my coworkers when they had nothing to do with why I'm being let go, is just misguided anger. The bean counter who made the call to axe my department isn't even in this state, but even if they were in the office across the hall, I'd probably take the high road, make a case for them keeping us around, and if they still wouldn't, I'd ask them to at least give me a reference to the next job, being as they're the reason I'm having to look for one.

If they still didn't even do that much for me, at the very least, word gets around in my industry. The people I work beside last year might be my future boss next year, in our out of the same company. If I leave as "...that guy who did a real good job till they axed his department," I stand a much better chance at being rehired elsewhere than if I were known as "that guy who stole a bunch of crap and left a dead fish in the air vents."

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 12:16 PM
I see a lot of jobs through this site.

Because I'm nosy, I have 5 states and two University's and get job posting every day.

Good luck.


posted on May, 10 2008 @ 08:35 PM
Thelibra I want to wish you well on your job search .
Have you considered a working holiday overseas for you and your family ?

Cheers xpert11.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 09:48 PM
My friends and listeners... I have no reason to try to steal the light from the current deal..
Just last week.. I to lost my job.. Given the boot, becasue I asked for a little more money to cover my gas..
I also asked if theres any way I could get some benifits..
The answer was this.. I think its time you moved on.

and I quote... " we canfind some help that is not from the USA.. We can pay them 5$ an hour to do what you do.."

I was not only hurt but pissed off.. Now please understand Im not pissed of by those who come here.. And lowball to find work.. These guys have famlies and bills to pay like us.. they are humans..
However they are willing to take it where the sun does not shine..
While me personally I will not take it that way.. I walked out..
Shame.. I never give up, nor do I quit.. Yet I will be dammed if I am treated as some idiot.. NO I will not do it!!!!!! I have been to school past high school, to earn my place... And no pity party here.. I made my bed and I must sleep in it.. However I will not bow down to IRS fraud..

I refuse to sign these papers which legally bind me to a deal that goes aginst the grain of what makes us americans.

No IM not going to sell drugs, or get into that lifestyle.. But G'ddamnit..
I refuse to bend over anymore...

I can work anywhere in the world with my back up trade..
I will find someone who can see I am worth my weight in gold, or what ever...
Wheh it comes down to the end of the week I get paper that says thi is legal tender.. Which in essene =debit..

I guess Im one of the few who sees things..
The table is tilted folsk.. the game is rigged.. yet no one seems to care, no one seem to notice.. I notice and it doesnt make me mad..
It makes me become a leader..

DOnt follow or repeat.. Become a leader in your won sense..
We will meet up in the end as leader of our own destiny with a comman good cause...
We are all leaders.. Never follow.. I learned that yeras ago...

I will find another job.. I always have.. But it sucks and its something that balances us out.. To mucy happyness can lead to enbalance..

Bad things haddpen for a reason.. While most see this as a bad thing..
To me its just want I need to learn..

A man said... A man who maks no mistakes is a man who is not learning..

Lets all learn from our blight! And turn it into a postive..
yes easier said than done when u have a family that depends upon you..

I dont have these answers.. Yet I hope maybe 1 line of my post hits a cord and helps one person.. I do not have the truth.. I only seek the truth.. I am a simple man.. I do not know more than the next man..
However I can hep the next man, the next man can help me.. WE are one!

edit.. LOL I always spell thing wrong when Im so pasionate.. spelling check on isle 3!!! LOL

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 10:10 PM

Originally posted by zysin5
I guess Im one of the few who sees things..
The table is tilted folsk.. the game is rigged.. yet no one seems to care, no one seem to notice.. I notice and it doesnt make me mad..
It makes me become a leader..

Your words ring loud and clear to me. I hear you.

I always knew the game was rigged from a long time ago. I'm one of those types who no matter how hard they try to follow what the system says you're supposed to do, I can't ever get a fair shake. I live amidst a family where everyone else has done less so far as education, and passion of life yet have had things rather easy. I'm the only one with nothing left, but I am still here.

It never was about who was the best or who had the most, not that you are saying that. What you will see is that the ones who have the least to lose will succumb to what is going on first and so on. Those with much will hold on until the last minute, but I assure you that all is not well in the US and no one wants to admit it, because they are all sheltered. Those that aren't and haven't been can easily see this.

The very best thing you can do, which I am still waiting for people to come around is to develop local networks of people who understand all that is going on and are resourceful and flexible in living and getting things done.

For now, I see that most people will reluctantly start downsizing.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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