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How Sincere are You In Your Convictions About the NWO?

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 12:39 AM
I have been interested with and concerned about the NWO, specifically the declaration of martial law in the US (or a similar "final" nail in the coffin of our freedoms), for a few years now. I have read a lot about the NWO conspiracies, formulated my opinions, and created hypothetical scenarios. Some of my lingering questions, however, regard you, like-minded informed and concerned citizens, and your general position on the NWO at this time.

I will present my questions in a list, feel free to answer however you please.

-How convinced are you that an NWO situation, for the US, is somewhere in the near future (under 50 years)?

-How do you think it will finally happen, what will the final straw be (a natural disaster, a war, famine, economic collapse, etc.)?

-What will it take for you to declare to yourself and your family that the US as a free society is gone and life will never be the same (suspension of laws/rights, martial law, blatant violations of the Constitution, etc.)?

-When that time comes, what will you do in response (protest, flee the country, take up arms, barricade your home, etc.)?

-When do you think the masses will realize the change has come (when it is undeniable, when they are being massacred, never, etc.)?

-What do you think the masses will do (panic, revolt, do nothing, etc.)?

-If you would decided to leave your life behind and attempt to flee, go into hiding, join the resistance, etc., where would you go and what would you do?

-Do you think, honestly, in your heart of hearts, that the US will become an Orwellian prison/police-state beyond all previous imagining (ghettos, constant surveillance, no rights or liberties, complete dictatorship, no veil of normality) as part of the NWO (or will it be more like Nazi Germany, Soviet bloc nations, Mao's China, etc., where there was some semblance of normality after the changeover)?

Hypothetical scenario: You turn on the TV (thinly veiled state-run media still purporting to be independent) to learn that the president has declared a national state of emergency and imposed martial law. You learn that the military (US Army, paramilitary, Blackwater, whatever, doesn't matter for this scenario) has been mobilized to lock-down all cities, curfews are being enacted, raids conducted on suspected "enemies of the state", police are patrolling all the time, public services and institutions have been temporarily closed/suspended, and all civilians' rights are temporarily (or so they say) waived, communities of "undesirables" are being rounded up and shipped to ghettos, the borders and ports are sealed, etc. What do you do?

I am asking these questions because as much as I feel it to be undeniable, I can't fully convince myself of the urgency of matters regarding the destruction of our liberty. I continue to live almost entirely normally despite suspecting that the proverbial end is nigh. I do not know if it is time to seriously begin preparing, to write off everyday life in anticipation of a coming catastrophe, to reject normality and accept the imminence of the paradigm shift. How can I continue to go about life as if everything were fine with the looming threat of the end of free society on my mind? I want to know just how seriously you are convinced, how you are preparing (or not), and how (or if) you are attempting to carry out life as usual.

Thank you for taking the time to consider and answer my questions.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:40 PM
Question 1: I'm thinking much under 50 years. National ID's are being issued in Dec 2009 that will be in 1 1/2 year. Shortly then after RFID chips implemented (Maybe 3 years?) After than then I think the poop will hit the fan.

Question 2: Like as in the final step of NWO? It's already happening, and I don't think it will be a war or anything. I think that RFID chips will be in and the NWO will take it's final step. Anyone who resists will have their chip turned off and can't deal in the NWO economy. The resistance will be either killed, starved, or have to live off the world without being exposed. (I'd get rid of cellphones, credit cards, national ID cars, computers, etc (electronics) IPODS can also be tracked.

-Question 3:Martial Law, Suspension of rights, Nuke hits our soil, etc. Anything thats absurd.

-Question 4: If there is time flee to the country and try to disapear, take up arms and get ready to survive on my own.

-Question 5:The masses are too stupid right now, I bet millions think that the NAU is such a great idea, but have no idea that it's just an additional step towards NWO. With the media controlling the masses right now, they won't know till it's undeniable

-Question 6: Panic and revolt, even though the mass is pretty stupid they still have the extinct to survive. Actually scratch that, they will do nothing. Why? They want to keep their current life and to do that they need to roll with the punches and not resist.

-Question 7: Call me crazy, but the bible foretold this 2,000 years ago. Bible says don't accept the chip or you worship satans image. So my only choice is too flee and live on my own off nature.

-Question 8:Yes, I strongly believe that the country is going to change. National ID's, RFID Chips, Massive debt, Iran being thrown into the war, NAU, etc. These are all facts and not conspiracies. The National ID's WILL come (December 2009) RFID Chips are already here (anyone can get one now). United states is thinking of fighting iran (on the news). NAU is already being planned and they don't need congress to make this idea happen.

Scenario: Then I'm afraid it's too late. I doubt they will let me leave the country and anyone found using a gun will probably be killed or imprisoned. only thing I see safe here is too get to the country and survive there.

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