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Russia sending troops to Abkhazia

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posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 08:58 PM
Just read this:

I'm really wondering how NATO and Russia are going to cooperate, if at all, to settle the ongoing dispute over Georgia. As some of you may know, Georgia wants to become a member of NATO, which would of course make Russia uncomfortable seeing as to how Georgia is an ex-Soviet satellite and located on the border of Russia. The region that is particularly being focused on right now is the Abkhazia region of Georgia, which is actually a de facto autonomous republic that is not currently recognized in the international community.

Apparently Russia feels the region is becoming so unstable that the Georgian government cannot handle Abkhazia itself, thus justifying the possibility of sending troops to occupy the region as a peace keeping operation. NATO is of course opposed to Russia moving into Abkhazia, and the long standing tension between NATO and the Russian Federation is only becoming more intense with the proposals of Georgia and Ukraine to be accepted into NATO.

I'm just wondering what you guys thing about this matter. Do you believe the tension will escalate? And if so, how far will the conflict go? Could armed conflict possibly break out in Abkhazia if Georgia or NATO decide to move into the region to prevent Russian troops from "keeping the peace" in the region? What do you guys think?

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