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Weird explosions in Baltimore area baffle police, scientists

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:16 PM
Police Make Headway In Baltimore Co. Mystery
Derek Valcourt PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ)

Officers Vickie Warehime and J. Posluszny Jr. have solved a lot of mysteries, but this one is over their heads--literally.

In fact, it may be about 30 to 40 feet in the air.

For months, the Baltimore County Community Outreach officers have been investigating a bizarre phenomenon disturbing neighbors in an area of Pikesville near Beth Tfiloh Community School. Now, they say they may be closer to an answer.

Derek Valcourt reports 911 callers complain about a deafening explosion and a bright flash of light in the middle of night.

"The bedroom actually lights up like day," says Elaine O'Mansky, who lives in the Stevenson Commons condominium building near Beth Tfiloh. "It's instantaneous and wakes us up out of a very deep sleep."

She isn't alone. Barbara Friedman is Homeowner's Association president for the area.

She was up late one night sweeping her back patio when she heard the boom.

"I hit the deck," Friedman explained. "It was so loud, I thought I was being shot. I literally hit the deck."

I live about 30 minutes from here and this is the first I have heard about this....very strange.


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