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Jay-Z and other rappers Masons?

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:30 PM
I've been following Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West for a while on the whole Freemason tip. I recently heard through the grape vine about this underground rapper named Time and there are rumors he just got signed to Def Jam...
Anyway it's really peculiar because it even ties into the whole PID conspiracy. See what you guys think...

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:35 PM
I sincerely hope you aren't implying that the masons are behind the glorification of guns, lady dogs, and drugs.

That's just crude, dawg.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 03:45 PM
I think most rappers want you to think they have some inside knowledge of secret societies and the inner workings of the conspiracies which pervade our lives, but I think that in reality it is more of a parody. And even perhaps an interest of their own. It wouldn't surprise me to find that such persons lurk right here on ATS. Lastly, they may actually fear things like the Illuminati, and be trying to shed light onto them and the things that are happening.

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 08:54 AM
I would also guess that even if rappers had an interest in joining, they would be denied as their priorities seem to be contrary to the principals of masonry.

Most all of the rap music that I have heard (especially gangsta rap) glorifies drugs, sexual deviance, violence and criminal behavior. All of these are very contrary to what masonry stands for - Duty to god, duty to your neighbor and duty to yourself.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 04:08 PM
What I learned from some research is that Jay-Z plays on the Rockefeller Illuminati connection. He has his Rocafella brand of clothing. He has been seen giving pyramid Illumaniti all-seeing eye hand gestures. The question is, is he on the Illuminati payroll somehow or is he just trying to use them for his own cashflow?

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by thoughtprovoker

The question is, is he on the Illuminati payroll somehow or is he just trying to use them for his own cashflow?

Or maybe he doesn't like them any more than your average ATS member and is trying to attract attention to them and make fun of them.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 06:43 PM
The sheer number of times that this 'idea' comes up adds credibility to me to the premise.

You should really do a search about the topic to further research without rehashing the same old aspects. I will warn anyone who 'sees' something odd going on, this is like a Matrix moment, Red or Blue Pill, once you look into these connections, you might wish that you never opened your eyes, and just kept listening to your favorite songs...

Here is a recent thread related to this topic:
Rihanna Umbrella is this song masonic or somehting?


posted on May, 6 2008 @ 06:53 PM
But rap is so pointless. Money, drugs, bling or whatever, and treating women like crap doesn't really seem like the Illuminati style. If the Illuminati is what I think it is, they probably would not associate themselves with idiots.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 06:56 PM
I'm sorry but this post just strikes me as silly.

When I think about secret societies, I'm not thinking about rap music.

Where is the connection?

I think that some people are just bored or having one over on us when they try to make this connection.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 11:48 PM
Much of Hip-Hop culture (including the name Hip-Hop with the twin HH symbolism) comes from Masonry as well, i.e. notice Will Smith in “HitcH,” his hands on the twin H’s in the poster). When gang members roll up one pant leg to symbolize their crew, this tradition comes from the Masonic first degree ritual. Initiates must roll up their pant-leg for undisclosed reasons while being blind-folded and led around by a noose. All the so-called gang signs are Masonic mudras, such as the West side and East side gang sings. Names like Crips and Bloods may well have come from “the Hood,” but the recurring Death theme screams Freemasonry. It’s none other than the Grim Reaper who wears a “Hood.” Calling each other G no doubt comes from the Freemasonic G, and what is a G-angst-er but a G in angst, flashing signs, rolling up pant legs, and calling friends Dogs and Bitches? Doggs, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Bitches, doubtless comes from Masonic Isis/Sirius Dog-God star worship. This is why soldiers wear Dog tags, and Henry Kissinger says, “military men are just dumb stupid animals.” What’s up G-Dogg? It’s a G thing. Get some G-Love, fits like a Masonic Glove. Jay-Z is constantly symbolizing the Illuminati pyramid when he makes his trademark triangle hand-sign and looks through it with one eye. He was formerly CEO of Rocawear and refers to himself as a Rockafella. In his 1996 song “D’Evils,” Jay-Z has lyrics like “Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body,” and “Secret society trying to keep their eye one me.” His significant other Beyonce is often photographed wearing a skull and crossbones belt buckle. House of Pain says in their 1992 song Jump Around, “Do you know about the Masons and their nation? To the 33rd degree, you know that’s me.” So when Hip-Hop group “The Coup” (as in military coup), creates a June 2001 album cover showing the World Trade Center towers being demolished, is it just coincidence?

There's far too many quotes to do it justice, but just know that when rappers mention "G-Unit" they are referring to their Mason brothers. When Busta Rhymes talks about "Flip-Mode Squad" these are Masons too. For instance:

"If ya don't see it y'all n-ggas can't f-ck with our flip-mode movement, bounce in your truck to us, y'all get stupid, don't try to f-ck with us because you will be carried away, you will get carried away." -Busta Rhymes, "Don't Get Carried Away"

“Flipmode is the squad who I beez with ... and push German V’s with ... Flipmode Squad, Here to drop bombs, against all odds, Still remain Gods ... The World is Ours, Call a National Guard." -Busta Rhymes, "Against All Odds"

Two of his Flipmode members are (SS) Spliff Star and Sean Soltys. The idea of "Flip-Mode" is also seen in the group (KK) Kris-Kross.

The number of Masonic Hollywood celebrities is staggering but proof other than symbolism, gestures, associations, and actions is often difficult to come by. They love to use twin/double letters though especially MM, WW, SS, KK, HH, PP. For instance, this is why you have Eminem (MM) Marshall Mathers, who has alter-egos named Slim Shady (SS) and Ken Keniff (KK). Y2K, K2, KKK, Special K the mountain K2. Companies like ShiSeido highlight the double S, Chanel the double C, Kit-Kat (KK) and M+M's. Milton Hershey was a confirmed Mason. In Video Games you have (MM)Mario Mario and his nemesis (KK) King Koopa. That’s why Mario’s opposite is Wario (Flipmode). Mario also has mushrooms, stars, coins, and many others Masonic symbols. The Mario movie shows the twin towers half demolished back in 1993, on each tower is the symbol of a hand gripping lightning in a K-shape giving us KK. This is also why you have (KK) King Kong at the top of the Empire State building. In (MM) Marylin Manson’s video “This is the New Sh-t” he dresses as a leather bondage (MM) Mickey Mouse. His song (KK) King Kill 33 is all about JFK/Oswald.

Eminem backwards is like “Mini-Me” from the (MM) Mike Myers movie Austin Powers. He was also in Wayne’s World (WW). Will Smith’s album Will 2K he changes the MillenniuM to the WillenniuM again highlighting the M to W like Mario/Wario etc. (FLIP MODE SQUAD!)

For more information on Masonry, click the Scribd link to The Atlantean Conspiracy in my signature.

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 01:00 AM
Oh my god, dude. Bravo. You got us all! All this time we've been debating you seriously and, underneath it all, you're actually a comedian.

Kudos, man. Best troll-run since Spirit7.

*fonzie thumbs*

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 01:17 AM

Originally posted by Roark
Oh my god, dude. Bravo. You got us all! All this time we've been debating you seriously and, underneath it all, you're actually a comedian.

Kudos, man. Best troll-run since Spirit7.

*fonzie thumbs*
Might have been funny the first time he said it, but the joke's gone stale...

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 01:18 AM
Well ....

To omit influence over the top "moguls" in hip-hop .. is to omit influence over the most influential life-philosophies (however base and primitive) .. of a vast majority of agressive-fighting-age young males, and prison inmates. (facts speak, racim&sterotype-free)

I wonder how many think-tanks it's going to take in order for some multi Phd to pop the question...
"Has anyone decided to groom/reward a "top-dog" in this industry in order to gain influence over this highly violent / riot-prone and easily-led population of young males?"

I guess that's something too far in demand of the multitudes of social-engineering Washington think-tanks's collective I.Q. to muster over decades of multi-million dollar funding.

If the question was asked.. You'd think they'd probably deny it as a priority and leave that prime opportunity to someone else other than them, out of their control, possibly with alternate interests... to do it... riiiiiiight? because that's in their interests right?

you guys crack me up.
once someone brings something up...
your knee-jerk Pavlovian responses just regurgitate right out in a second's timing.
no thought..
no ability to humble yourself and think that.. no matter how "absurd" the initial suspicion seems,
even in light of your current understanding of the world.. the logic HOLDS UP AS RATIONAL..
yet .. you won't let yourself seem "too suspicious" will you... you have your "internet ego" to hold up.

nah.. no hip-hop moguls have been initiated ... that's just crazy!


posted on May, 7 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Hmm, I think you've misinterpreted me. I was simply responding to the post above me, which employed the kind of logic which dictates that M&Ms are Masonic. Or anything with a freaking "G" in it, for that matter... Or anything containing the colour black, or a skull, or... ah forget it.

I'm sorry if it seemed a "Pavlovian" response. If I saw a giraffe in a clown suit unicycling around parliament with a firecracker up it's arse, I'd have the same reaction.

I've been here too long, and this forum is starting to depress me when I consider what it reflects about humankind.

So all I can do is laugh, really.

Ciao. I'm off to worship satan, kidnap some street kids, and commit nepotism.

Ben Roark (M.'.M.'.)

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 10:18 PM
Very interesting, the HH, MM and SS, also scary...

I have been researching this other rapper "Time" and his other albums are nothing like your typical hip hop that glorifies money and disrespects women, so that's odd.

I found some more info about all this on the Nothing is Real, Paul was Replaced forum and there was lots of talk of this being connected with the whole Paul is Dead frenzy...

Jay-Z also appeared on the grammy's with a performance with himself and Paul with pictures of presidents on the jumbo tron (including Reagan) very weird...
I read a story saying Time was the connection to IAMAPHONEY on youtube.

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by Roark
Hmm, I think you've misinterpreted me. I was simply responding to the post above me, which employed the kind of logic which dictates that M&Ms are Masonic.

Milton Hershey was a confirmed Mason. I'm not employing strange logic, you're denying reality.

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by jmanshiphop

Never heard of 'Time' personally, and am a 20+ vet of Hip Hop culture...
upon looking him up...
Is rapper Time a freemason/illuminati member?

Honestly, his style and flow sounds like they are not fully polished and honed, and the quality makes me believe that he possibly records in his bedroom.

Its quite likely that he is using the 'Masonry' tip as his hook to get known or have attention, or that he is actually a member. From what I understand, Masons would never share their 'secrets' with those uninitiated. Perhaps I am wrong, but building up your internet rap cred blathering on about the 'secrets' would get you booted from the club. Do a google search yourself and see the 'wealth' of information on the topic.

On the other hand, using hidden meaning and symbolism would allow one to openly communicate secret messages, but I am not sure who 'Time' is communicating to... I think that in that case, its all hype and wannabe play acting

My opinion is that somewhere along the line, Masonry became a 'fall guy' for more nefarious secret group/s. I also think that subconsciously, most humans are unaware of societal symbolism that is thrown at us on a daily basis, and how symbols and logos today are still the same symbols of old, just with Web 2.0 reflections. I also think that Masonry and its symbols have been used by those who want some of the 'hype' to rub off on them. Rockerfeller becomes Rocafella.

But then again, most of us today have no idea that the 'Musclebound Gangsta Rapper' stereotype is highly homoerotic. Why would most dudes want to buy a cd of 50 Cent without a shirt on? Subconsciously, there is a fear being stoked, that terrorizes the psyche in the back of our minds regarding dropping the soap in the shower with dudes like 50 Cent. And then he says lines like... "Keep thinking I'm Candy" and the like....
He doesn't even have to know he is doing it, just perpetuating the stereotypes that he was raised in.

If you are looking for 'knowledge' from a highly educated source, Immortal Technics knows what he is talking about. But I think he is an outsider looking in. Talib Kweli, and Mos Def (Blackstar) have incredible knowledge and seem to be 'good', but quite possibly are 'involved' in the conspiracy themselves. They flirt with the 'Majors' because of their immense talents, but perhaps have not 'crossed' all the way over on talent alone because they are not willing to play along. Another artist to look into would be Ras Kass, arguably one of the best ever that really isn't know. I think he said something he shouldn't, and the iced his albums. He has like a 9 minute song that breaks the history of all of civilization, but from a hidden/stolen knowledge perspective.

I also recommend looking into the Five Percent Nation, and its ties to Hip Hop, especially 'known' hip hop artists of the late 80s/90s. Like Rakim and Nas, and Tribe Called Quest (Q Tip was one of the first to practice the rolled up pant leg), there are so many. You should also look at the Chicago gangs like the Black P Stones, Latin Kings, and Gangster Disciples. The bastardized 'masonic' styled hierarchies fly in the face of true Freemasonry, and only add to what causes Roark's pavlovian mouth watering...

Honestly, I don't have all the answers, and doubt I ever will. But I know from my own personal life experiences in Hip Hop, and what I have seen through my research on the topic, that anyone who nay-says the OP and others like it because the 'players' are not 'true masons' is laughable.

There is something there, I just cant grasp it... oh wait I know...

"Ask me if I'm tryna' kick knowledge
Nah, I'm tryna' kick the sh*t you need to learn though
That ETHER, that sh*t that make your soul burn slow"

from Nas' Ether from 12-2001 responding to Jay-Z's diss on his 9-11-2001, blueprint....


Mods: I am not trying to skirt the censor or anything, I actually edited the quote I took to 'play nice'... fix if needed...

[edit on 8/5/2008 by DocMoreau]

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 01:42 PM
Great thread! Please keep in mind, when speaking of the Masonic Order, as well as the RCC, we are discussing the institution and not the individual members. I notice that whenever these topics are brought up in this site, that individuals members get very offended. Many individual masons and Masonic communities do a great work in their communities. Howver, IMO the institution of masonry is a front for many nefarious plots.

Just my 2cents

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 01:44 PM
Most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while. This is one of those brainstorm theories you get while thinking too much.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by theendisnear69

Most music is pointless.

It's entertainment for the most part, it shouldn't have to be anything like science or literature that is expected to (at least sometimes) add to the legacy of mankind.

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