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Nuclear Gauge Likely Stolen From Philadelphia

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 08:11 PM
Philadelphia police said they are seeking to recover a portable nuclear gauge that was reported stolen Friday.

The device was apparently stolen from the truck bed of a construction vehicle on the 500 block of Dickinson Street, although the complainant's truck had also recently been in the communities of Hatfield and Glenside in Montgomery County.

Police said the gauge contains small amounts of radioactive material and is used for measuring the density of soil at construction sites. It is enclosed in a bright-yellow case with an exterior decal of three triangular shapes surrounding a small circle -- the universal symbol for radioactive contents

A similar theft occurred in March 2007. In that case, the case was found and a piece of the device was missing, but it was later recovered.

This cant be good. Its obvious they know the inner working of our government. How much would one of these fetch on a black market. Are these devices in itself dangerous? I'm concerned.

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