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Congress deregulating energy

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Anyone here about this?
They deregulated the industry so that we can create our own privatized energy distributors that will be more "community friendly" and not treat people like slaves to their services.
Basically....if anyone has any info on some new tech that can be hooked up to a regular generator to create perpetual electricity somehow then POST IT!

I know it wold be impossible to get some new age tech but i saw this steam powered generator that stretched a gallon of gas consumption for a few months i believe. You guys get the idea....we find a more efficient "system" that is convenient and easily maintained so that it can be installed in each and every home allowing them to perpetuate their own energy and not have to PAY monthly to some conglomerate.

THanks to all who post in advance.


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