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The Missing 300

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 09:07 AM
Between July 2001, and Sept 2001, exactly 300 young black boys went missing in London

Scotland Yard today revealed it has been unable to trace all but two of 300 black boys aged four to seven reported missing from school in a three-month period.

Child welfare experts say the number highlights the scale of the trade in children brought to Britain as domestic servants and covers for benefit fraud.

The figure emerged through the murder inquiry following the discovery of a child’s torso in the Thames in September 2001. The identity of the victim, named “Adam” by police, is not known but his background was traced to Nigeria, it is believed he died in a ritual sacrifice.

Detectives asked each London local education authority to give them details of black boys aged four to seven reported missing from school between July and September 2001. It emerged 300 had vanished, 299 from Africa and one from the Caribbean.

Police only managed to trace two children. The true figure for missing boys and girls is feared to be several thousand a year.

The U.N. Sex Scandal
From the January 3 / January 10, 2005 issue: Exploitation, abuse, and other humanitarian efforts.
by Joseph Loconte
01/03/2005, Volume 010, Issue 16

LAST MONTH A CLASSIFIED UNITED Nations report prompted Secretary General Kofi Annan to admit that U.N. peacekeepers and staff have sexually abused or exploited war refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The worst of the 150 or so allegations of misconduct--some of them captured on videotape--include pedophilia, rape, and prostitution. While a U.N. investigation into the scandal continues, the organization has just suspended two more peacekeepers in neighboring Burundi over similar charges. The revelations come three years after another U.N. report found "widespread" evidence of sexual abuse of West African refugees.
Allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct by U.N. staff stretch back at least a decade, to operations in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. A 2001 report, released by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Save the Children, found that sexual violence against refugees in West Africa was endemic (though some of its findings were denied by a subsequent U.N. team). A year later a coalition of religious organizations sent a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell urging the United States to send more human rights monitors into Congo.

During this time, a high level DC Freemason was involved in the UN.

Kwame Acquaah
is General Counsel and Chairman of Membership for the Scottish Rite Bodies, Valley of Washington, D.C., and Assistant Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. Brother Acquaah was educated in Ghana and the United States earning degrees in Law and Management, including a Ph.D. in Management. He worked for many years with the United Nations and is currently an attorney in Washington, D.C.

Kwame Acquaah is an attorney by profession. He is based in Washington DC and is originally from Ghana. He helped ATCnet, a US based network of Africans and friends of Africa develop a program around 2001, 2002 when ATCnet was headed by Kirimi Kaberia from Kenya.

This committee of 300 is modeled after the British East India Company's Council of 300, founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. Most of its immense wealth arose out of the opium trade with China. This group is responsible for the phony drug wars here in the U.S.
Queen, Elizabeth II, is the head of the Committee of 300.

Wonder if one of these boys was sacrificed for her Holy Worshipness, The See, before 9-11.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 03:57 PM
Kirimi Kaberia headed up ATCnet

Kirimi Kaberia is the founder of the US-based Democracy and Governance Program, which has trained over 120 African leaders, including cabinet ministers and members of parliament from across Africa, as well as government and civil society leaders in Africa since 1994.

He was involved with the analysis and drafting of the AGOA project that has become such an important factor in the continuing debate about opening the US market for African products. Kirimi's activities also included the promotion of ODA reforms and fair terms of international trade. In 1998, following the twin terrorist bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Kirimi Kaberia's work with the Relief for Kenya added US$10 million to the fund, raising it to US$60 million.

In the 1990s Kaberia worked for the BBC in Kenya, and did assignments that included covering the war in Somalia. He has worked with the Washington Post and the Washington Times as a staff reporter, and with the Les Aspin Center at Marquette University in Washington DC.

Kaberia has longstanding working relations with the US Congressional Black Caucus, and the US Foreign Relations Committee. Kirimi is also the CEO of ATCnet, the African Trade Consultants Network. He has written widely on Africa and international political economy as it affects Africa, and has been involved in peace efforts across Africa, and has been instrumental in the movement to reform the way that aid agencies operate in Africa.

And here we see a personal email

Kirimi Kaberia request is unclear to me, too; excuse my ignorance,
i do not know ATCnet. A project to be developed in a 'rural district
in East Africa' appears too hazy.
Anybody can shed light on this?

thank you

Kirimi Kaberia wrote:
Dear Doug,

I am the president of ATCnet in Africa and would like to get help
developing a school network in a rural district in East Africa. I
am looking at about 100 schools all of which are in a highly
mountainous region and quite rural. They have telephone
and electricity, some have computers others are in our list to
provide computers. We would like to set up a network that is not
necessarily linked to the ISPN except for the phone connection.
Our biggest handle is the servers to use and the software. Could
your group help us. Let me know what we need to do to actually get
the teaching materials for the various classes in math, computer,
biology, chemistry for mostly high school level students. Also in
high need is the curriculum for computer literacy for both kids
and adults. I would like to discuss the possibilities here. I
think there is a lot that we can do to make it happen together but
I do not have the final solution. How can I reach you. I can be
reached at (# removed) or by replying to this email directly.
Keep up the good work.

Kirimi Kaberia

. ATCnet
Convenient how ATCnet is doing work here with "rural children". How easy is it to abduct children from the rural parts of Africa, through a charity

Africa's Economic Future
A paper prepared by Peter Burgess and Kirimi Kaberia
This paper was prepared for presentation at the INR Roundtable on Africa's Economic Future in Washington in April 2002.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 04:05 PM
More about the committee of 300

“During my career as an officer in British intelligence,” Coleman writes, “I received access to strictly confidential documents on numerous occasions. Their contents were unexpectedly straightforward. I learned that there are powers that control the governments of many nations. I was taken aback and decided to inform a world living in ignorance. Imagine a powerful group that doesn’t recognize any national borders that is involved in the financial, insurance, coal-mining, pharmaceutical and oil industries — whose members only answer to the group. This is the ‘Committee of Three Hundred,’ an elite group that has ruled the world from 1897. Its backbone today is the world’s 300 most influential people.”

Heap of plans

Coleman describes the new world order as seen by the Committee of Three Hundred.

Leaders: There will be a single world state and monetary system ruled by unelected oligarchs and their royal lineage, who will appoint leaders from their own ranks in a feudal system as existed in the Middle Ages.

Religion: Only one religion will be permitted in the form of a state church. The church has existed secretly since 1920. All Christian churches will be prohibited.

Control: All individuals will have an identification number. The numbers will be entered into a composite file at NATO in Brussels together with details dossiers.

Family: Marriages will be canceled. Children will be taken from their parents at an early age. They will be raised at special institutions like state property. Free sex will be compulsory.

Children: If a woman gets pregnant after having two children, she will be immediately sent for an abortion and sterilization.

Resources: Only members of the Committee of Three Hundred and select individuals will have the right to make use of natural resources. Agriculture will be completely controlled by the Committee of Three Hundred, and food processing will be strictly controlled.

Social Policy: At least 4 billion “useless individuals” will be exterminated by 2050 as a result of territorial wars, organized deadly epidemics, quickly spreading diseases and hunger. Electrical energy, food and water will sufficiently provide for the white population of Western Europe and North America and only later different races. The populations of Canada, Western Europe and the U.S. will decrease more quickly than on other continents until the population reaches the controllable level of 1 billion. Of these individuals, 500 million will be Chinese and Japanese, who will be “chosen” as they have been subject to strict regulations and unquestioningly obeying authorities for centuries.

Current situation

Coleman asserts that individuals who are party to the single world state are strenuously brainwashing the population, rewriting history, creating ideal individuals and working to decrease the population.
Profiling is a method developed in 1922 by an order of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The method was based on principles similar to today’s NLP, which helps to influence people’s ideas and decisions. The method was used by Major John Riz, British military specialist, on 80,000 “guinea pigs” from the British Army and prisoners of war, who were subjected to many types of psychological testing. Later, a special brainwashing center for the civil population was established at the University of Sussex. This super-secret organization was called the Institute of Scientific Politics.
The Rockefeller Fund subsidized scholarly work to create an ideal history after the end of World War II, when Anglo-American troops naturally came out the winners.

The Rockefeller Fund is also sponsoring genetic maps of the qualities of the ideal human in closed laboratories on the basis of the genome to grow test-tube geniuses and docile invincible soldiers.

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