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UK Survivalism is catching on.

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 06:09 PM
I see there is quite an upsurge of new 'practical' survivalism threads from the UK. ..
(Not the U.S plan of dressing up as Rambo and stashing enough guns n ammo to keep an army of ye olde mexican bandits in business for a decade..

To be honest I was getting quite disillusioned with people's erm... 'relaxed' attitude toward a definite downturn in living standards/raised costs/decreasing liberties/ridiculously increasing amenities prices/fines for 'scratching your arse in public'..etc.

It's also a concern that it seems it is now not just the common garden paranoia that everyone gets from time to time.
Things are definitely warming up and the sense of impending 'doom' seems justified.

I've made a point of supplying myself with equipment and knowledge enough to 'fade into the background' and maintain a safe and reasonable standard of life if the social/civillised system starts heading into decline,all with the intention of simple self-preservation..
Not in the 'Carebear Grylls' style but more practical regarding area selection/food identification/preparation and direct camp location/maintenance.

Funnily enough,it was exactly that.. 'self' preservation.. but not it seems to be getting quite possible and practical to meet with like-minded individuals and even groups in the UK...

Just wanted to give a shout out to the increasing numbers who have an open minded view that all is not going well at the moment.. and maybe even ask..

What has recently motivated you to start making preparations.. even if it's still just in the mental preparation stage?..

Great going guys(n girls)

(Ps.. any groups planning for the Scottish highlands weather's not great but it's beautiful up there.)


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