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My Experiences.

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:06 PM
I'm pretty new here to ATS, but I just wanted to give you two of the most rememberable experiences of what at those particular times I thought of as UFO's. Unfortunately I dont have any photos of this.

Firstly was back a while ago, not sure how long, but I was playing football out on the local field with my cousin, it wasn't completely dark as we could see each other not greatly well from a distance. My cousin hit the ball and as being in goal I made the save, but when I picked myself from the floor I looked to the sky, I had no reason for, but I saw a strange looking object in the sky. I just glanced at first but I thought it was strange and took another longer look and pointed it out to my cousin. The object was not clearly visable due to the darkness of the sky, but what we make out was the fact that there was a light from the object. Now I know it wasn't any type of plane I've ever seen (I do have somewhat of a fasination with planes.) I know that planes lights tend to be on the underside of the wings and tend to flash. But this particular object had a strange white light, which was pointing directly in front of it, much like a cars headlights do. That is what made if stand out, To this day, I haven't come across any plane or helicopter that has a beem of light pointing in the direction it was heading. Obvious reason to why no photo and that was due to me just having a kick around on the local field.

The second experience was about a month ago, this time I was walking my dog.

I noticed in the sky, the lights to which I thought was a straight forward airplane. But it struck me as odd to the fact that it was just hovering in the air and not moving. No sound was being made either. My first thought when I noticed it hovering was just a police helicopter. But the fact that was no sound made me watch it. Something that I never put along with this sighting was the fact my dog was going crazy barking, but he tends to do that now and again so I just ignored him and kept watching this object. I looked closer as it was just still in the sky. I could not make the shape of it out, but I know it wasn't a few consilation of stars as I've never ever seen red and blue stars. After about 10 minutes, I started walking back home, as I left the field, the craft seemed to begin to move, and was very slow at first still made no sound, but then it started moving left of my view than all of a sudden it shot off at a very high speed, the speed at which I'd put down as similar to that of a formula 1 car going past you on a straight at about 200mph. Which was very fast for a sudden change in direction, but up to that point the thing was absolutely silent but as soon as it shot off fast, it made one helluva sound, louder than any low flying aircraft I've studied. Still not sure what it was.

Both instances could have been newly tested aircraft. But I know the first experience was definately not, as after then I've never saw anything like it again, not to mention, nothing has come out, and that was about 8-10years ago. The other could still be something, but I've never seen it again, nor have I heard the sound it made since.

Like I say, both times i was not expecting to see such things, both times, I'm busy doing other activities, and these "objects" have distracted me from what I was doing in the first place. And both times I've not seen them since.

There we go, just thought I'd share those with you guys. I've had others, but to which have then been explained.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by sjfunk

Hey there sjfunk and welcome to ATS.

Interesting accounts you have there ... and as you say you never have a camera handy when you need one.

If you take a look through some of the other threads on the Alien/UFO Forum you'll find many similar accounts ... they can't all be wrong I'm sure. If you read through some of these threads you might find other similarities to your own experience.

Enjoy your time at ATS. Woody

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