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The Power of 22

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 11:07 PM

22, is the key

...and what exactly does it unlock? Please tell us, since after all, you've come to "understand" it.

Yes, you can list all sorts things that relate to 22. But so what? What is this "secret knowledge" that is supposedly unlocked by this excercise? For example...let me pick a number off the top of my head. How about 12?

I will now demonstrate how 12 is the "key to secret wisdom and knowledge."


The number twelve is the secret key to knowledge, power and the divine whatever! It is deeply significant to occult numerological uberness and sacred geometry! For example, 12 lies at the midpoint between the prime numbers 11 and 13. There are 12 signs of the zodiac. There are 12 months in the year. If you add the one and the two in 12 you get three, and we all know how deeply symbolic three is!

But you think that's it? It's not!

According to wikipaedia the word "twelve" comes from a Germanic compound "twa-lif" meaning "to leave." Which is exactly what is supposed to happen in the year 2012. Two thousand twelve is the year that the world ends and we all leave it!

Oh, wait. Does this sound too contrived? I'm sorry. Twelve genuinely was an attempt to pick a number totally at random. Ok, I'll try it again with a different number.

How about eight?


The number eight is the secret key to knowledge, power and the divine whatever! It is deeply significant to occult numerological uberness and sacred geometry! Symbolically, the symbol for "8" is the infinity symbol layed on its side, and infinity is the key to all that exists! There are eight sides on the third platonic solid, and as we all know this world that we exist in is the third dimension, the third density, and therefore the third platonic solid is the one that relates most strongly to us! There is no three dimensional shape of greater significant to us here in thi realm than the third, the eight-sided one. The ancient egyptians built the pyramids based on this principal. What you see of the pyramids is just the upper surface. But, as the mystic addage goes, "as above, so below" and when you mirror the above side of a pyramid into the below, you get the platonic eight sided shape! Eight appears in all sorts of places of great significance. According to the Bible, there were eight people aboard Noah's Ark, symbolizing the redemption granted by the sacrad knowledge contained with the eight, circumcision was performed on the eight day, symbolizing our devotion to God, and the "eighth day" would be the first day of creation after God rested, symbolizing the true new begining of all of Creation!


Do you get the idea?

Any number can be contorted into some sort of occult significance.

22, is the key

Ok, great. 22 is the key. To what? And, what knowledge does it unlock?

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by LordBucket

What does it unlock?

The secret prayer.

In Psalm 119, it is divided into 22 sections, each section has a heading with one of the Hebrew letters. As I read through this, it was revealed to me, a prayer. It goes like this;

The Secret Prayer

Aleph Beth,
Gimel Daleth
HeVau (hay-vow)

Zain Cheth,
Teth Jod (joad)
Caph Lamed (kaff la med)

Samech Ain, (sam e chain)
Pe Tsaddi, (pay tsaddi)
Koph Resh, (ko fresh)
Shin Tau

Saying and memorizing the sacred prayer, sung and recited by King David (a man after God's heart) unlocks the power of the spiritual warrior. It contains a sacred rythm, a new song, based on the number 22.

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posted on May, 3 2008 @ 07:50 AM
Psalm 119. 9-11 backwards. Why. Because they are anti-God. The reverse of what God wants.

But, here's the catch-22. God allowed it to happen.

Why? Cause He aint very happy.

It was a wake up call. Those that planned it,
didn't even realize they were actually doing
God's will.

Now, for the people that died. Some died horribly, some
left peacefully. God needs angels. The D'Evil (doers of evil)
are gaining some serious ground. People on that day, took
at look inside themselves.

We came together, for a brief moment in our horror and
mourning after those lost. But only, for a brief moment,
and then the anti-God people went back to work, leading
those that follow into the abyss.

7/7 was another warning.

The 12/26 tsunami, a big one.

How about Katrina, earthquakes in the middle east,

famine, disease....

Someday, people will wake up, or they won't.

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