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The ‘great’ Hitler was Time Magazine 'man of the year' in 1939. Was it Hitler’s Magick spell

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 06:12 AM
Even though he was slaughtering thousands of people and filling up concentration camps, Hitler was Time Magazine's "man of the year" in 1938-1939 ...why?
Here's another look at the same thing from the other side

(What countries besides Croatia and Finland and Germany and Thailand were part of the Axis THAT WANTED TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY? ...see bottom of post)

What was the relationship of KNIGHTS TEMPLAR & the occult & magick to Hitler & the holocaust? The Knights Templar worshipped the demon god Janus-Bifron-Baphomet. Knights Templar were the Middle Age death squads that became Hitler's Freikorps after WWI AND after WWII – they murdered everyone who believed in democracy. And what was the relationship of Hitler to magick? The Nazis practiced magick and drank blooth in blood oaths. (FOR MORE INFO & 6 VIDEOS ON HITLER'S OCCULT ROOTS & HIS MAGICK & NAZI DEMON WORSHIP, see my post

Why was Hitler man of the year? ...Big business in America ...Morgan, Ford, DuPont, General Motors ... they applauded Hitler and Mussolini outlawing unions ...Hitler was on the cover of Time Magazine, as man of the year, followed by Mussolini. Corporate America wanted Fascism over Democracy … Fascism meant low wages, more money in the pockets of the corporate directors.

Many people consider Hitler as a great man evil people, and to mind-controlled people, he was a great man. Murderers, sadists, assassins, sociopaths & psychopaths all thought Hitler was a great man ...many still do. And all the German mind-controlled subject population that adored him. Remember, Germany was starving after their 'catastrophe' of losing WWI. German industry was bought up by the U.S. and Britain, Germany, & Hitler, was owned (i.e. handled) by the Bank of England & Fed, the Rothschilds and Warburgs, Rockefellors and so on -- who incidentally, own Time Magazine.

Dupont (an admirer of Hitler who modeled his security guards after Hitler’s bodyguards and had them beat up people who wanted a living wage) financed a coup to install fascism in America, supported by G.M. and Remington Arms -- all Morgan interests (&/or was it Warburg/Rothschild) who were shareholders of the Fed. The coup was leaked to the newspaper, went to trial, and dismissed as a myth.

Axis countries dominated by fascist ruling families, included
2.1 Major Axis powers
2.1.1 Germany
2.1.2 Japan
2.1.3 Italy
2.2 Minor powers
2.2.1 Hungary
2.2.2 Romania
2.2.3 Bulgaria
2.2.4 Yugoslavia
2.2.5 Croatia
2.2.6 Thailand
2.3 Co-belligerents
2.3.1 Finland
2.3.2 Iraq
2.4 Japanese puppet states
2.4.1 Manchukuo (Manchuria)
2.4.2 Mengjiange (Inner Mongolia)
2.4.3 Wang Jingwei Government
2.4.4 Burma (Ba Maw regime)
2.4.5 Philippines (Second Republic)
2.4.6 India (Provisional Government of Free India)
2.4.7 Vietnam
2.4.8 Cambodia
2.4.9 Laos
2.5 Italian puppet states
2.5.1 Croatia
2.5.2 Greece
2.5.3 Montenegro (Drljević regime)
2.5.4 Pindus and Macedonia
2.6 German puppet states
2.6.1 Italy (Salò regime)
2.6.2 Hungary (Szálasi regime)
2.6.3 Slovakia (Tiso regime)
2.7 Axis collaborator states
2.7.1 France (Vichy regime)
2.8 Controversial cases of relations with the Axis
2.8.1 Albania (under Italian control)
2.8.2 Denmark
2.8.3 Portugal
2.8.4 Serbia
2.8.5 Soviet Union
2.8.6 Spain
3 German and Japanese World War II cooperation
3.1 Germany's and Italy's declaration of war against the United States
3.2 Yanagi Missions
3.3 Joint Operations in the Indian Ocean

The god 'Janus' is the pre-Christian pagan Roman god of gates and doors (ianua), beginnings and endings, and hence represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions.
In demonology, Bifrons was a demon, Earl of Hell, with six legions of demons (twenty-six for other authors) under his command. He teaches sciences and arts, the virtues of the gems and woods, herbs, and changes corpses from their original grave into other places, sometimes putting magic lights on the graves that seem candles. He appears as a monster, but then changes his shape into that of a man. Bifrons was also one the names given to the baphomet allegedly worshipped by the Knights Templar, and which description was as a statue with two heads surely inspired in the Roman god Bifrons, one looking towards the left to tell the past, and the other looking towards the right to tell the future, all this by means of the power of a demon (there were other suppositions on the figure of the baphomet).

The origin of the name is the Roman god Bifrons (Janus).

Other spellings: Bifrovs, Bifröus

In Popular Culture
Bifrons appears in several Castlevania games including Symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow, and Portrait of Ruin. He's depicted as a hunch-backed, gray-haired man in a green coat and carrying a lantern that shoots fire.

In the online PC game Final Fantasy XI, Count Bifrons appears as a demon Notorious Monster in Castle Zvahl.

In the PS2 title Shadow Hearts, Bifrons (misspelled as Bifronze) appears as a monster in Rouen, France. It is shown as a cloaked demon carrying a large, bloody scythe.

For a penetrating view of THE REAL HITLER, see my For neo-nazi holocaust deniers

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 06:15 PM
Being Time magazine's man of the year in no way should be interpreted as greatness. Why was Hitler man of the year? The article from the magazine explains it very well...

Hitler - Man of the year


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