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Stupid concert organisers

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 05:21 AM
Last night i drove a six hour round trip and spent about $200 to watch about four songs of a band i dont really know or like and than go home.
You see a couple of months ago i found out through friends that Chimaira was coming to NZ.So myself and three mates decided we definitely go up to watch them.Cut to two days ago my mate txts me "cant go cant afford" or something to that effect i was so pist words cant explain.Now this started a chain reaction the other two decided to pull the pin as well.I had already organised the day off both the places i was working for the concert.But after a few emails txts and verbal beat downs i convinced two friends to still come along.Day of the concert i get another dreadful txt "cant come sick" or something to that effect.Any way i still got one mate to mosh with so we make the three hour journey buy our tickets walk to the entrance and get in to a conversation with some disgruntled fans "Chimaira have already played they changed the times this afternoon".I felt like someone had run over my dog except i dont have a dog but you get the point.So we had two choices stay and watch biohazard and korn or ditch.We watched about four biohaz songs and bailed.The weird thing was we had a blast on the trip back?
Now rant over you'll find me in the drunk thread drowning my sorrows.

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