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Paranormal? Or All In My Mind?

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 03:23 PM
I am currently reading through the thread started by TheRiverGoddess about OoBE. In this thread, there is one question that has been asked a couple of times, but it has gone unanswered.

An example from page 35 is this:

Originally posted by Nova
Quite a few times I felt like I was kind of rising up, but then I notice my body is actually physically rising, I don't mean levitating - I mean I'm tilting my head up, but not purposely. It's like I'm trying to get out but my body is clinging on. Obviously when this gets to a point of uncomfortableness I relax back down, but I feel father away from the point of getting out because I've had to relax myself. Is this normal? Am I on the right track?

A couple of nights ago, I was relaxing in bed and concentrating on my breathing. My mind was aware, but I knew that my body was not yet asleep. I felt my hand start to rise, so I let it go. Then my head started to rise. I opened my eyes and turned to look at the bed expecting to see my body, but I didn't. I was completely awake. When I laid back down, my arm continued to move as I watched. I could have controlled it or stopped it, but I was really curious about what was happening. It was soon set gently down on the bed next to me.

Yesterday, when I came home from work, I laid on my bed because I was very tired. I never take a nap after work, but I felt compelled to. I wanted to sleep for about 30 minutes, so I set my alarm. I never did drift off to sleep, but my arm, again, felt like it was being lifted up. That's about when my cat chose to start cleaning himself and shook the entire bed. Once again, I know that I was not asleep.

Can someone tell me if this all a creation in my mind, or is something truly paranormal going on?

I am positive that I have had unconscious and unintentional OoBE's before. I have also consciously been partially out but have not been able to go all the way.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 01:42 PM
Does anyone have any insight into what was happening to me?



It was not a frightening experience, but I really would like to know what is going on.

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