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Oberstar holds his own 35W Bridge hearing

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 12:31 AM
Please visit the article for the full story. But in short, here is what made me pretty PO'd

Oberstar holds his own 35W bridge hearing

The board voted 3-2 last month not to hold a public hearing, heeding a staff recommendation that suggested it would slow down the investigation

Glad to see at least 1 or 2 politicians are makeing a statement for the truth, and wanting it to be a public hearing, not listening to some paid staff worker! Go Oberstar!

To me, this sounds as if the feds want to just brush this under the rug and let someone else deal with it later on. A type of "get 'er done" thing so they can move onto other things. Of course the hearings would take longer, because tax payers not only paid for that bridge, but are paying for the new one. And we want to make sure the new one, or any other bridge for that matter, isn't going to fall down in the future before it's life is up. And we'd all like a definate answer as to why this failed, although most Minnesotans know why - gusset plates to thin. To me, the gov't doesn't want to take responsability, or liability, of such issues, and pass it on to others! I live near 2 other bridges that are massive, just like the 35W bridge, and I refuse to travel those bridges since the 35W bridge collapse. Why? Because they are in worse shape than the 35W bridge was before the collapse. I alos know our own state is at fault, but thats a tottaly differant subject.

Just like 9/11 - do a quick hearing and be over with it. On the otherside, if it took more than a few days, some people would cry the hearing is taking to long.

Oberstar is right when it comes to having a public hearing!! We paid for the bridge, we're paying for the new one, and paying for the hearing (and the politicians wages to boot) So for me, I demand a public hearing.

Politicians are HIRED by me, and everyone else, and paid a wage with OUR money. This crap needs to stop now! This goes for everything else in this country that the "hired workers" we elect brush under the rug, or plain old lie.

Sorry for the rant, but damn, I have 2 kids, my wife & I work full time, make decent money, and are behind on our bills, only within the last 2 years. Where the hell is the USA Government, and what are they doing? Bashing each other in the political race, supporting agendas that dont fit the American way, and being greedy as hell.

I have so many issues with the USA Governement that I myself would take them over if I could, or as Metallica once said "Kill 'em all"!

My family history consists of coroner, sheriff, police officers, layers, detectives, military officials, and 2 politicians. Those that are stil here are p**sed, and those that have passed is sure to be rolling over in there graves right now.

F**K the USA Government. To many captains, and not enough crew members!

Yes, ban me & put me in prison for freedom of speech. Freedom of speech isn't just limited to papers & spoken words. I am speaking my thoughts under the constitution, or whats left of it, in a forum thats compared to the editorial pages .

Cant wait until I get my welfare money from Bush in May, just so I can keep up with my bills. Sorry Bush, but I aint buying no HDTV like you want!

Mods: Move this where you want, but to me, this is a cover-up, because the gov't didnt do it's job, and wants closed hearings so it appears they & the state dont look like they are at fault. Just like most other things, it's easier to put blame to someone else when it's a group of people telling you this.

I have so many words & thoughts, I cant even say them here. And this story was just the iceing on the cake.

End of my rant now. Dont worry, I'l be fine. And no, I'm not threatening anyone...or gov't...unless they control the 4 rabbits in my backyard

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 01:09 AM
Jim Oberstar is a good man. I have been voting for him all my life. If HE feels there needs to be an investigation, then there needs to be an investigation.

Jim Oberstar began representing Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District in Congress in 1975, and is now in his 17th term, the longest service in the U.S. House of Representatives from the state of Minnesota.

Jim's Biography

&DE=[71DC44D6-F8FF-4B3A-9A33-BCF034B30A94]]Oberstar Calls for Public Hearing on I-35W Bridge Collapse

I think he gets tired of me always emailing him about issues... lol He always responds though.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 01:53 AM
He's responded to you? All I can say is WOW. I've emailed a few politicians in the past, not only from Minnesota, but in DC and elsewhere, and always get the same "great to hear from a concerned citizen" and "we work hard for you" BS. It's a general email that never gets to the point of what I wrote about in the first place. And after the 35W Bridge Collapse, the soonest I even heard back from people like Colmen & Klobushar (sp?) was at best 2 months. Atthattime, I never even thought of Oberstar, but then again, I've never had or wanted to email him.

Again, I'm crying out that the investigation hearings are a joke unless the public is invloved. Kind of off topic, but related, is they took every piece of that bridge and have laid it out so the feds can see what hapened and why it faied. So why didnt they do that with the Twin Towers, if they were to withstand a jet flying into them?

Anyways, I'm glad at least 1 politician is making his voice be heard. Hopefully it's not a smoke screen of some sorts.

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