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Bob Carter - Facts Of Climate Change (Vid)

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 05:04 PM
Good facts from climate change:

Man Made? With Scientific facts: Yes, But No.

Good points from professor Bob Carter. He is also one from many, silenced in European media, who are alarming about cooling, not only warming. This issue is so full of controversy, but somewhere is the truth.

We should care from our planet, learn it, and treat it like its best to its future. But are we doing anything good to our self in this propaganda of accusing only us... And finally we put poor to pay even more.

I dont believe anything what Christian leaders are saying and running these days. How much operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are damaging our enviroment every single day? How much their huge army installations are breaking our future, by only being there?

Hypocracy is taking so much place in our elites views...

F.... them! And F.... their NWO!


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