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Extraterrestrials or Dark Matter Entities

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 11:24 AM
April 22, 08


Paranormal events may be Dark Matter phenomena. (GOOGLE for Dark matter, Dark Chemistry, Dark Biology, Invisible Homo Sapiens, Dark Politics, Obamania).

There could be a bio-dark-matter lurking behind sentient processes. Dark Matter atoms may yield, dark chemistries which in turn may lead to dark biology and a an invisible body for every human capable of 'chanelling'.

Ordinary Chemistry is based on electron configurations (Octet, Duet), spin and forces. Dark matter Chemistry is based on the same principles. These chemistries (processes, not principles) may be governed by genetic factors, such that completion of the most stable 'invisible body' occurs only in humans, less stable and incomplete in animals and the least stable in plants. The Dark particles may be in differential union (spin-spin coupling) with the visible counterparts across the taxa, as supported by the differential rates of Biophoton Emissions (ELF), with plant cells giving the most and human cells giving the least rate.

Empirically a vegetative state is common to all sentience, an animal state is common to animals including humans, but the anthropic state with its MIND is unique to humans only. Experimentally the bio-photon emission from live plant cells is about 10 times more than that of human cells. A differential distribution of these bio-dark matter across the taxa may explain these differences in the rates of ELF emission.

Both womb and tomb "realities' need a second look since Bio Dark Matter and its Chemistry are possible in the biosphere. If a non-electric, non-entropic and therefore invisible and durable body is involved, then that will be manifest in some form at all stages of human development. Decoupling of the visible body (say,150 lbs), leaves the invisible body with a very low energy state, possibly negative. Stupendous energy (resurrection energy), beyond known mundane means, will be needed to raise it to any functional level. So, the possibility of any paranormal phenomenon due to 'ghosts' of the dead is not credible. Alternatively, the well documented phenomena of 'channeling' as in the Seth/Jane Robert episodes or poltergeists may be due to invisible Dark Matter beings acting as impersonators of the dead, who are already at a high energy, and interact with the living who are willing mediums.


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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by Noeticcenter

Howdy. First off, welcome to ATS. I hope you end up liking it here.

Second, Shotgun Posting is not allowed on ATS. I'll need to close this thread. You posted the same thing on multiple sites across the net, and ATS is not a party to encouraging this breach of netiquette.

Here are only three of your shotgun posts on other forums with the same thing posted:

Thirdly, I'd also recommend reading some actual Science publications on Dark Matter, rather than trying to make up your own definition of it. The words "Dark Matter" and "Obamania" do not belong in the same sentence.

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