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Destabilizing the Western Hemisphere: Bush craps in our backyard

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posted on Feb, 26 2004 @ 11:54 AM
Something I found in my daily troll that summarizes facts I've posted here about several times:

It goes without saying that the Bush administration has been an unmitigated disaster internationally, as well as on the domestic front. But there's an interim level between these two that sometimes gets unfairly overlooked: the hemispheric. The near invisibility of news about the rest of the Western hemisphere in our mainstream media is unfortunate, because while stories about Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela may not pack the visceral punch of our ongoing Middle East narratives, examining the evolution of American hemispheric policies under Bush is an education in subterfuge.
Considering the past histories of certain key administration figures in these regions - people like State's undersecretary for arms control John Bolton, US ambassador to the United Nations John Negroponte, and assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Otto Reich - it should come as no surprise that the Caribbean, Central America, and South America now form a particularly volatile political nexus. Today, in their rush to make up for eight years in the wilderness while Clinton was president, the same thugs whose anti-democratic meddling led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in 'secret wars' during the Reagan/Bush era now plot the naked, violent overthrow of regional leaders they find inconvenient.

Witness Venezuela, where evidence continues to mount that the highest levels of American political power were behind the failed 2002 coup against president Hugo Chavez, as well as the onslaught of anti-Chavez propaganda that set the stage for a fraught night-time siege of the presidential palace in Caracas. The whole event was caught on film in the stunning documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, which you all have to watch as soon as possible. But I digress.

To understand the full, psychotic extent of the realignment that happened when the Bush regime re-took the White House, you need only examine the impact of the IRI (an international wing of the Republican party) on the attempts to oust president Aristide of Haiti. By advising and funding local insurgents and Macoutes, these globe-trotting GOPers are actively participating in the ouster of a man whose democratic election was generously shepherded by the previous American administration!

Sad to say that subverting democracy so close to home has long been par for the course.

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