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Rewriting the law is taken to a whole new level

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posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 07:28 AM

Imagine if Congress passed a law — both the House and the Senate — and then one or two people with their own agenda managed to rewrite even a sentence of that law without anyone ever knowing. That almost happened, but the change — a $10 million switch in the pork-filled 2005 highway bill — was noticed. It’s being corrected, and eventually whoever attempted to pull one over on the rest of Congress may be held to account. Maybe.
The 2005 highway bill contained an earmark — a lawmaker’s pet project — for $10 million to widen and improve I-75 in Ft. Myers, Fla. After the bill was passed by both the House and the Senate but before it went to the president, staffers for GOP Rep. Don Young of Alaska, a master of the pork process, changed the earmark to fund an interchange on I-75. That would have materially benefited developers who owned 4,000 acres next to the proposed interchange. And who, it so happened, had raised $40,000 for Young.

When the change came to light a while ago, some lawmakers were outraged. But no one in the House was apparently outraged enough to go after Young.

The Senate tires of waiting

Now the Senate has forced the hand of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic and Republican House leaders. In a bipartisan vote, 64 to 28, the Senate voted last week to ask for a federal criminal investigation into how the earmark was altered.

Nowadays little surprises me, especially in Congress. The eyes of most Americans are open. It will be alot harder for the neocons to steal from the American people. If it was up to me I wouldnt throw them in prison but under the prison. Just like those CEOs from Enron. Throw these corrupt officials in prison. Let it be a example to all the corrupt and would be corrupt officials.

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 07:37 AM

It will be alot harder for the neocons to steal from the American people

It isn't just the neo-cons. This is the new foundation for our entire political system. You don't make it to the senate without scratching a few backs here and there. Everyone in our government owes someone for getting them there. This is like a big game for them and the porkbarrel spending seems to be more of a cute little joke amongst them and the media than the outrage that it should be.

Of course they aren't going after this "master of the porkbarrel", because then the dirty laundry of most of congress and the senate would be brought to light. We can't have that can we? Well, of course we can because we can be certain that our media won't report it.

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